I know they are different,.

Bried: That’s not what sublime does.

Lavee: It’s not an IDE. just a kick*** editor.

Peat: Yes, but they told me that with the roght plugins, you can do almost everything a php ide can

Burrill: I’m now using intellij

Mosbey: And want to leave it because too heavy

Landi: I like intellij, too.

Seamen: I use only maybe 1% of the entire stuff

Pappy: Its takes too muck time to open and if you need to edit a single page, i need to use notepad++

Pontremoli: That’s what i use st for.

Filo: Intellij when i need a server-side debugger.

Stelman: Hmmm, so the best way is just to keep on using both

Halcon: Find what works best for you.

Gallop: Are those plugins good for st3 too?

Kovach: I don’t use 3 and i don’t do php dev.

Konye: I’ll find the way now that i know the names of the plugins

Wigner: Try experimenting around.

Harvest: Also: package control is amazing.

Zonker: Robertmaxrees: I gotta say thank you for all the hard work you put into discussion man. Every time I’ve had a problem, you’ve been the one to help.

Vanasten: Hey, i’m happy to do it : helps me learn more plus keeps me distracted from all the other stuff going on in my life.

Mucher: Question:How do I make this happen: on pageload, somehow let javascript to call a API, pull the data out and save it in json, then use the information in json to create url links in this dynamic page.

Norals: I’m adding travis to my repo

Riveras: Rach23py just run the code.

Flagge: I’d like to validate python and javascript code

Sumers: Like. nothing special about what you’re doing.

Whitelock: But it seems js code is nodejs validation?

Coger: Robertmaxrees: just run the code? that is it?

Sanderfur: Rach23py not sure what you’re lost on. you might need to put part of that into a do***ent ready.

Mcwaters: But it’s pretty basic.

Ritterbush: Robertmaxrees, isaw that you’s in #css too. do i need to go there to ask some css help?

Lebarron: Or can you answer here?

Geitner: L only learned js yesterday and today, even basic is beyond me. 😮

Ledsome: Sal i rarely pay attention in there – keep your questions on topic, either way :

Cromwell: Ask the channel there. if I have an answer, i’ll answer.

Litvin: I’m wondering if the following is correct travis config to validate js

Allegre: Https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/blob/bbb3e22e7110afeb4cb596f7118503885d061ea2/.travis.yml

Tippery: Jeffreylevesque this isn’t really a travis channel :/

Plosker: Jeffreylevesque there’s #travis though, which looks like it’s for that project

Bessmer: Robertmatrix is exclusive to Coriano only.

Balish: I am using formData.append’file’,$”inputtype=file”0.files0; and after that I console.log formData but it shows nothing in the console.log all it says is “FormData{ }”

Tatton: Http://pastebin.com/xqykinrj

Orines: Is there anything wrong with my post func?

Thielemann: Someone how can Iget the click event on jtable jquery pagination?

Caflisch: I have a question about .offset.top it seems that it’s not reading my .cl*** position corectly and i don’t understand why -_- . http://www.caspianservices.net/draft-test-page/ i have both scroll and position top logged.

Burington: Hmm, maybe it’s reading the offset value to fast and i should put the code in the bottom :/

Ballow: Http://jsfiddle.net/xc4u75p0/

Hores: How can I to store the second line in a var?

Osterfeld: Those are two different values i think alexut

Arnoux: I know they are different, but when i scroll to the element, shouldn’t the value of scroll y be comparable to the value of the element offset?