I have two lists, one with.

Luckenbill: How do i correctly trigger submit in this example

Mercik: Jm4kdi you can’t p*** two args like that.

Pearson: Only the event gets p***ed.

Tuggle: Http://jsfiddle.net/d4azgrav/

Tur: Otherwise it’s .trigger’submit’;

Chollett: PrintForever that’s targeting the UL.

Kilby: Robertmaxrees: yeah. I reverted back to the old code. I didn’t know how to go through the LI’s

Ardon: I want to p*** X how do i do that? e is event

Schoeb: Robertmaxrees: if I did each, it would just loop through them and I will show all of them again

Burchfiel: PrintForever you don’t use each.

Bowen: Http://jsfiddle.net/robertmaxrees/kd4vp3tk/

Mckale: You do something like this.

Ringler: Robertmaxrees: I thought maybe to select :first of .mydiv and then toggle it and remove .mydiv cl***

Dorning: So the next hidden :first would have .mydiv

Cunnane: So you don’t want that – look at my fiddle for some inspiration.

Massingale: How would i stop default of submit without including e here? $’#form’.on’submit’, functione, X {} is it $this.prev. within the function?

Ulrich: Jm4kdi you don’t p*** args to event handlers. that’s now how that works.

Horelick: The event object is p***ed for you.

Snowdon: So, turns out Chromium OS LSM is preventing this.

Miah: I don’t know what that is.

Brighter: Toothe preventing what?

Cassata: Robertmaxrees: why have you taken “li” outside and created a VAR out of it?

Mohseni: Loading the kernel module.

Sankoff: Toothe wrong channel?

Briguglio: PrintForever literally no reason to reselect it.

Swatski: Select once outside of the handler.

Delbene: What if i want to check X $’#form’.on’submit’, functione, X {} what do i need to use to allow that. onsubmit? submit?

Chilen: When I see it like this it looks plain and simple robertmaxrees

Svetlik: Jm4kdi you cannot p*** an extra arg to your event handler.

Giovanni: At least not without hacking it in – that’s a bad design pattern. what are you trying to p***?

Delhomme: Check if x is true before submitting form check ON form submit.

Trego: Yeah, that’s now how that works.

Inga: Hey, would anyone here be able to give me some advice on a fiddle? Modal wont autosize :S

Insalaco: Daz43 just ask the channel.

Esche: If somebody can help, they will :

Encarnacion: Cool here’s a link – https://jsfiddle.net/cysfd6pj/embedded/result/

Kreatsoulas: I’ve tried things like, width:auto and autosize:true within the js and restricting the size with css but it keeps breaking something :

Zambotti: Oh, you want the modal the same size as the image?

Gilliand: Lots of google results.

Ackroyd: What are you searching for?

Lichota: Bootstrap size modal to content

Canwell: Set your width to that and you’re done.

Digiuseppe: I’ve tried setting a max-width to .modal-dialog but then it’s not centralised :

Loken: Thanks for the help btw

Hermez: Is there a website where I can post snippets of HTML/CSS/JS? I’ve used it before.

Bernbeck: Daz43 are the images dynamically sized? or will they always be 400px wide?

Sylvain: Anyone know how to do something like this: https://jsfiddle.net/uswxpebf/

Felde: Specifically, how do i make it sot hat everything in the second list is automatically “selected” when I hit a submit button?

Sauer: Let me take a step back

Spivey: I have two lists, one with “potential” values, and the other with “selected” values.