I have to give up using.

Ihm: The input field, which is a datepicker, sure

Jelle: Windows is so fkn weird LOL

Oshima: Ihm: pls support me on that is it so wrong? https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/w19xmbbq/21/

Ihm: What are you putting the cl*** on?

Andrango: Can you repeat the question :p

Inhulsen: Hellyeah: really you should try to close the discussion for some days and try to solve problems on your own to get forward more quickly :O

Ihm: What are you putting the cl*** on?

Gensel: FromFocused and toFocused

Ihm: Think about that for a sec

Plexico: When you focus on input .from or .to i am adding cl***

Chaffer: That doesnt correct it seems hmm

Garasha: I cannot add cl*** to datepicker directly because there is only one datepicker

Ihm: The whole point of this is working around that there is only one

Boerst: Yes there is only one

Prendergast: Ihm: each datepicker has seperate id

Ihm: There is only one datepicker

Palka: Can i addCl*** by using its id

Sealock: So each datepicker can have unique cl***

Ihm: There is only one datepicker

Ihm: How many times does this have to be repeated

Ihm: There are two input fields who reuse the single datepicker ui element

Larouche: Than i cannot seperate addCl*** to datepicker

Vertrees: There is only one datepicker

Perona: I would say i have to reinitialize datepicker each time

Lemen: That would be stupid i guess

Ihm: What are you confused about?

Ihm: I’m just hearing “it won’t work”

Ihm: I know for a fact it will, :

Began: My aim is to get different response in evey datepicker

Ruehl: But there is only one datepicker

Rosing: So in practice that seems impossible

Ihm: Bottom logic does different things

Ihm: Below //Make the following work

Lampkin: Okey in order to make logic work i need to add different cl*** in .from and .to

Pollom: Is there a reason that append returns the object of the selector instead of the appended item?

Ihm: So you can keep chaining

Vanhout: MacroMan: what is the reason you want to append something to thing

Ihm: It’s typically the standard that jQuery functions return the elment operated on

Ihm: Hellyeah: focus on your problem

Pehler: But in most situations wouldn’t you want to keep chaining on the new element? It’s how appendTo behaves.

Ihm: That would differ from the typical behavior of jQuery

Ihm: Instead of being consistent

Ray: AppendTo is already breaking that rule.

Lewelling: I have to add this cl*** to the level of #ui-datepicker-div

Gassert: Append and appendTo are same thing

Bentzinger: Ihm, Hmm. Yeah. Got confused there for a sec

Ihm: Hellyeah: focus on your problem. seriously

Koning: Ihm: can you give me clue?

Ihm: Giving you a clue would be giving you the answer at this point -_-

Ihm: Just put the cl*** on the dang datepicker

Herzog: The way is to addCl*** to datepicker is to use widget thing

Ihm: Or find the id and do it that way, sure

Ihm: Either way gets you that datepicker ui div

Pun: Prop’id’; give me the id

Ihm: Just lookup ids in the global scope

Poulton: I know way to get id is prop’id’

Ihm: Whatever manner you go about it, just put the cl*** on the div

Hamara: I have to give up using jsfiddle seriously