I have enough stuff on my.

Pein: Do***ent.querySelectorAll’button’.addEventListener’click’, function {} == $’button’.on’click’, function {}

Wizar: Dhs1111: keep the html in html and js in js, and css in the stylesheet :

Rhoderick: It makes life much easier

Blihovde: JQuery is like violence, if it doesn’t solve your problems, you’re not using enough of it.

Roode: I seriously hope noone takes that seriously _

Gargano: Cause ppl are already too js happy.

Verdine: Cork node.js “happy”*

Rubulcaba: But nodejs makes me happy

Crossin: But i meant more like basically writing the entire page in a .js file

Stamp: All the css and basically all the html wrapped inside the js

Jarchow: And using .hover instead of css :hover and so on

Huell: Cork, back in my day it was enough to push an .html page with .js script or two

Olten: Well i started before js was a thing ‘

Ambrosino: I remembered the “wow” over onsubmit and do***ent.write 😀

Mohamad: Hack i started when css only had a handfull of properties

Chukri: Cork then came ruby and ruined everything /not js-related tho/

Deshotels: Uh ruby is like 10 years later.

Chalker: Also ruby wasn’t the cause of that

Hoppman: Cork, technically it was node and stuff like that

Mcnamar: Like i said 10 years later.

Blihovde: Ruby is as old as Java. or JavaScript

Marchant: Python is much much older then ruby

Lisle: Cork any way to fix shift down while fading in/out? http://pastie.org/private/8xlrsresgjdr00km36ra http://i.imgur.com/5ghG1N6.gifv

Consigli: Php916: use animate and opacity instead of fade

Finke: The shifting is cause it sets display: none

Oblinger: Cork not really solved the issue http://pastie.org/private/tykrp52fzq9rhdrbuqwxa only one wayfade

Vanderford: Oops, i’m a bit blind

Heron: Cork second one is ‘show’

Torreson: Yet the same issue appeared again

Jersey: Its opacity: 0 and opacity: 1

Rodrigez: Show/hide i think has magic doing the same thing as fade

Sandate: Cork and nooow it works

Corte: No it will remove local style settings from that element

Hundley: Resetting it to what ever the stylesheet sets it to

Weikert: Cork: i see the thing you meantion now

Skone: Does one need to put ; at the end of a JS line? or is it optional? or am I missing something?

Winget: Sbs, it is in most cases optional

Mullowney: Sbs, the times where you’ll probably need it is if the proceeding character is a or or something like that

Shurkus: When you basically can determin if next line is a new statement or not

Motte: It is optional, though it is recommended to always add it

Shrider: Cause else the script will break if you ever run it through a minifyer

Markum: Is there a proper ide for js programming when the code resides on a server?

Pfingsten: You mean so you can edit the file over ftp?

Carpenter: Best solution is to edit a local copy

Herrera: I am using notepad++ which is a great tool, but as an IDE this ****s big time

Golanski: Just run a simple nginx server locally

Ashbrook: Sbs, I’d recommend git + atom

Moehring: How do you have a local copy, if it mostly runs on a php env with sql

Chappan: Sbs, also vim handles ftp editing pretty nicely.

Ehrhart: Sbs: well mysql can be accessed remotely

Trulli: Sbs, slave a local sql install?

Harlan: And php is easy enough to run locally

Median: I have enough stuff on my laptop without adding more I can avoid actually