How do i create an element.

Pettingill: I figured out a solution for this

Mcwhorter: Can you show your code

Werstein: Http://

Maley: Look at the answer that was given to me

Bjornson: That’s the same code I have

Mccaig: Anyway what’s the problem that you’re getting that error?

Heinlen: Errors are not even supposed to work for jsonp

Knaebel: They kinda work only if you set a timeout, but jsonp is a hack using a script tag to load data

Nation: So I’m not sure how to word my explanation on our ticketing system

Lukes: I don’t want to say jsonp is a hack 😀

Wessendorf: Yup, i agree with you

Calzadilla: Should I say jsonp was really not meant to return errors

Pastrana: So even if jquery “cancels” the request after a timeout,

Mulac: We would still received the response, correct?

Dardagnac: Sorry got disconnected

Colson: 00:26:14 zumba_ad_ so I’m not sure how to word my explanation on our ticketing system

Culhane: 00:26:16 shoky_ so even if jquery “cancels” the request after a timeout,

Ellerbe: 00:26:33 shoky_ the script tag might still be able to finish loading right then and trigger that error

Caruso: That’s what i’ll write 😀

Lapatra: Odd, my .each loop only iterates once.

Clap: Your each loop is weird. i prefer mine

Lapatra: Yeah, i think i prefer yours too.

Lapatra: No, im prob doing something wrong.

Lapatra: And.i tink I figured it out.

Lapatra: Can I go from an object element to selecting its sub-element WITHOUT doing something like this: $”#object subelement

Lapatra: Can I instead do $”#object”.subelement”#subelement” ?

Lapatra: Is there some format by which I Can dot hat?

Lapatra: Some function by which I can do that*

Hessel: Hello you beautiful, but slightly fat, people of the interwebz and IRC

Kanz: No news flash there, I guess

Vorel: What jQuery plugin do you recommend for replacing HTML SELECT/OPTION in forms?

Yamaki: Select2 is probably the less awful of them

Jasperse: I just googled it, before coming here

Rabel: It looks a bit bloated, anything smaller?

Fondriest: Long time ago I’ve ran into SelectBoxIt

Kassim: Lapatra it depends on what you mean by sub-element. if you mean child, then you can use children

Malinsky: Maybe he is hungry and is thinking about SUBWAY

Cosma: If you mean siblings, then you can use siblings or maybe next or prev depending on what you are trying to do

Reiff: JQuery rocks, you’re beautiful! love youz!

Gisler: Is there anything “wrong” with storing data directly in a jQuery object sandwich = $’#ham’; sandwich.tasty = true; rather than using .data if I have no need of that data once the object is released say, replaced by sandwich = $’#turkey’;?

Devries: Gisler: not wrong per se, if you really only need it for just as long as this jquery object exists. but i cant think of when you’d really wanna do that

Mourad: Hello my friends and family

Barmer: Does anyone here know zurb foundation

Gisler: Shoky: Event handling. Object is stored in a variable on mousedown, worked with during mousemove, finalized during mouseup. Ignored after that, replaced on next mousedown.

Gisler: The variable is.I’m not sure what to call it. It is defined like this: function $, undefined { var myObject = null; $.fn.myplugin = function { . } . }

Gisler: Doesn’t seem to be global.

Houtkooper: Er or you’ve lost me. or whatever

Johnstonbaugh: How do i create an element with innerhtml that isnt a string, example: $’ul’.append’liarray’i