How can I recreate an issue.

Patmore: There’s no mouse on mobile.

Naugher: So the lazy images won’t get loaded on mobile?

Guynup: Robertmaxrees: thanks!

Schlissel: Can someone tell me why I cant put this in do***ent.ready ?

Lucido: Im getting Uncaught SyntaxError: missing after argument list

Fondaw: And why do you want it in a doc ready?

Fleischhacker: Thats lightbox plugin

Tyson: Why are you putting it in a doc ready?

Loria: So it can load before whole page loads

Hippen: That doesn’t make any sense.

Ganis: Robertmaxrees:

Piros: That doesn’t answer my question.

Gieselman: Copy that and save it to a js file. link the js file like any other after jquery.

Baro: Robertmaxrees:it wont work that way

Brudner: Unless I place that js plugin on the bottom of the page

Dewire: Thats why I want it in $do***ent.ready;

Sanburg: That till doesn’t make sense.

Freemyer: That’s not how that works.

Vigilante: Http://

Moncivais: I want to place this script at the top of my page

Mccalmont: That tells you how to use it.

Burson: What you’re doing now is not how you use it.

Villarrvel: Dunno how else to phrase that.

Aanderud: Can I change code so it works how I want?

Tripplett: That’s not a very good idea.

Smelko: Just follow the instructions.

Ostendorff: And use it the way it’s designed to be uysed.

Sartin: You’ll have to change your markup as well fwiw.

Cearns: Since you’ll need to include the js, the css, the images, and then the data attributes on the relevant tags.

Bracks: Does something break if you link it at the bottom, after body?

Bacot: Bracks linking it at the bottom of the page won’t make it magically work.

Bracks: No, it wont, I’m just trying to figure out why hes so against it

Porzio: He keeps saying he wants the page to load before the plugin does, but that’s not what do***ent ready does.

Bracks: Because, we are in agreement, putting the raw in do***ent.ready is not the solution

Bracks: Its not even A solution

Fennern: Right – he’s having a problem and is ***uming a particular solution.

Bracks: Haven’t heard from him in a bit, he must be reading your link ;

Fackler: Hi!, is there a way to return draggable object dropped in a droppable box to its original position ? the effect as “revert: invalid” in draggable

Despain: I need to do it in a programmatically way

Stclair: Partial attribute selectors on cl*** are lol

Jetton: Yes, that actually IS fjdpth, I didn’t just faceroll it as an example

Jetton: Robertmaxrees: blame vBulletin, I guess :p

Henline: Like, you’ve successfully defeated the purpose of cl***es.

Jetton: I’ll just hand-wave that and point out that vBulletin uses NOTHING for its intended purpose anyway :3

Jetton: Go go, tables for layout!

Trett: Http://***ey.jpg

Carboneau: Can we timeout jsonp like 10 seconds if api doesn’t respond?

Jespersen: Http:// zumba_ad_

Filippone: Thanks, i’ll check what our Backbone is calling

Silman: Hi! Does anyone knows about a JS to clean HTML strings? clean style attributes for example . I need this to clean text from a editable textarea

Rico: How can I recreate an issue where the callback for jsonp is missing?