Hellyeah: you want $’.

Faure: When I edit the code for 1, I don’t get anything

Wilts: You’re right, i cannot see you have multiple values

Florea: Hapi, it’s weird but in jsfiddle it works but not in my project

Florea: In my project when Im debugging it doesn’t even get inside of that $.each$’.validate’, function i, v {

Florea: Where are you getting that ,validate from?

Ohotto: Hurry, you have to split the values which will become another array, so you have to loop over them too

Whaler: Florea, i put the cl***es on the selectors which has to be validated

Whitesel: I think you forget to apply:

Florea: Is it posssible to do it without cl***es?

Cutright: You can target the selectors by attributes too

Debuse: Eg: instead of .validate you can check $’inputtype=”text”, inputtype=”p***word”‘

Walson: But this method has some cons

Redell: If e.field_kime.indexOf’764′ 0 { why isn’t this correct?

Mogle: Hurry: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/String/indexOf

Kunin: Scroll down to the description, where clearly explained why:

Sharber: Hapi: how can I pull this off?

Sprinzl: I’m doing a wrapAll’lia href=”#”blah blah/aul/ul/li’ to wrap 2 selected elements within the ul but they get wrapped under the a instead. How can I wrap my elements in the ul ?

Carsten: Jam33s: can you call wrapAll twice?

Sanabria: Jam33s: possibly with some other calls?

Powelson: Jam33s: I think you can.

Declerk: Rindolf: can you give me an example?

Meskill: Jam33s: well pseudocode is $..wrapAll’ul/ul’.before’a . /a’.wrapAll’li./li’

Simpers: Rindolf: that doesn’t work

Fucci: It messes up the HTML

Kolikas: Hi, is there any library available to show diff atleast and inline comment. just as GitHub

Naffziger: Any idea why they go off screen? http://www.offlinespeedrun.com/index.html Jquery.animate with window.width

Muzyka: Wait 3 seconds for them to appear

Cabanilla: They don’t go anywhere for me Giraffe_.

Wylde: I broke something lol

Rutheford: Giraffe_: Why not use a percentage?

Holweger: Also, the width comes into play.

Umali: Of the running thing.

Burlew: How do I use the width?

Seltz: Dammit. overscroll bouncing is a jerk.

Milare: How can i add a form onsubmit event without disturbing other onsubmit events?

Vipperman: Not much activity here tonight

Toca: Starcraftmazter bind to a specific element with the selector

Schadt: Arc_: what do you mean

Jurado: I want create a Wizard witj JQuery same as: http://www.jquery-steps.com/Examples#basic but my page not take it: http://localhost:55094/jinvmanz/ejemplo1.jsp why any advice? thanks

Traff: I have a reference by cl*** like this, $’.show_hide’

Traff: I want to just get that instance of the cl***, not all of the on the page.

Spuler: Is there any jquery validate rule which serves this purpose “You can fill either input a or input b.not both”?

Rinderer: Maybe I could use require for that.

Babcock: Http://jqueryvalidation.org/files/demo/

Dobyns: Jak2000.can you be more specific?

Callaham: Nee small help on audio video calling widget,

Sewester: With js just want a basic idea of calling widget,

Liesch: I know it is simple question but can you tell me why it is not working

Serbus: Http://jsfiddle.net/Lk14qk0v/3/

Devis: Hellyeah: because you’re trying to select the “buttonCl***” id, and not the cl***

Sanseverino: Hellyeah: you want $’.ButtonCl***’