Hello c: I have a problem.

Schwendinger: Hi guys, given a node X, how can I detect events of it getting more/less childs or having it’s dimensions change ?

Cousin: Mutation observers, but i’d avoid that as much as possibloe.

Bend: Yeah, i’ve read it’s not compatible with many navigators

Mcelreath: Is that the only way ?

Kolden: Why do you think you need them?

Zervos: I’m aware of it, yes.

Betton: Well, during a trade, you can add items into a div box, and I want to get events from that :-/

Alderton: Whenever you add more items aka dimensions change

Dannis: Are these items you’re adding yourself?

Mcclester: Oh, im just creating a greasemonkey scripts to add some enhancements =

Chivalette: Enissay: awesome! what kind of enhancements? I’ve been wanting to get into greasemonkey for enhancing things

Valsin: Enissay are you trying to respond to you adding/removing things?

Vanpelt: Yes, but I use also 3rd perties scripts, so it’s not mouse clicks. I can with one click add 1000+ item at once :-/

Arend: Sorry, yes, i am adding things

Burkin: Are you initiating that by clicking something?

Ohanlon: In the window, i mean.

Haby: Then bind to the click event.

Fleming: Yeah, i tought of that. the problem is that’s not clean, but, well, it could do indeed

Carpinteyro: Watching the dom for mutation events is definitely not clean.

Finkelson: Robertmaxrees, no, I mean that there are many zones where you can click an add items. depending on which, items are added by simple click or double click

Maril: Then use delegated listeners to detect for the different events.

Scachette: Yup, i guess that’s the way to go, thaks 3

Levalley: Nurnberger, do you know https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SteamInventoryHelper

Mingo: Nurnberger, oh, wait, do you mean enhancements in general or just steam ?

Chianese: I think they just meant greasemonkey scripts in general.

Raulerson: Oh, i guess so, well, it’s offtopic here but yes, thos scripts are great to add things to pages and make them suit your needs = . I use it mainly for steam, but also amazon, and many forums :-

Nabarrete: Https://gist.github.com/anonymous/82c00a2fae6780268329

Shintani: Does anyone know why my form wont hide if i change the field to anything else other than aunction?

Osterfeld: You need to wrap those divs in group divs

Mein: I am using this Jquery Draggable plugin. I want to do an AJax call after dragging is done? Should I use http://api.jqueryui.com/draggable/#event-stop for that ?

Schau: Not sure where to go, but what channel or anyone here, can I go to get help finding designs or snippets for multiple forms and how to present them? I want it to look nice, but I could use some inspiration.

Forner: Claytonzaugg: bootstrap forms are pretty

Lundeby: Any links you can provide?

Biddiscombe: I have three different tabs with a crap ton of data to collect on each tab, but I’d like it to be presentable

Crouser: Google bootstrap, I forget their website

Easterbrook: Oh, okay just standard old bootstrap. I have that, I’m just looking for design ideas on how to present a crap ton of form fields without it being overbearing

Zinner: Claytonzaugg: some bootstrap tabs would probably help there though lol

Teele: Claytonzaugg: how many form fields are we talking?

Habermann: Three tabs with about 20+ on each one

Ostrzyeki: Good morning folks – any tips about this? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32515179/javascripts-try-catch-is-failing-on-typeerror

Frymier: Hello c: I have a problem with http://web.skype.com . there I injected jquery via the console and want to send a message via it. I tried to $’textarea’.val’test’; and it writes it into the textarea but the “Send” button doesn’t get unlocked