Heh i’m totally lost, but.

Schlicher: I didn’t know that, but they’re still different

Szychowski: Not as different as you’d think.

Szychowski: And chrome still has plenty of bugs. they also let a lot of bugs marinate for a long time.

Bloch: Szychowski it works in the fiddle :

Yasso: Https://jsfiddle.net/a1g70h4L/9/

Szychowski: Are you sure you’re running your code after plyr loads?

Kniffen: Szychowski this is what mine looks like https://jsfiddle.net/25cyb336/

Szychowski: And your js comes after the js for plyr?

Mawk: What do you mean? How it cascades load-wise?

Szychowski: Yes – is the script tag for plyr before the script tag for your JS?

Mellady: Is there a way to empty a cache-identifier ? I think it’s more jquery like

Gaspar: Loarca: when I submit a form and open a new form or that one again, my data is still in the form

Szychowski: You mean the browser cache for inputs.

Szychowski: Wrong autocomplete btw :

Whedon: I thought iot was in the CI

Szychowski: Where did you pick that phrase up?

Delone: Cache-identifier is browsercache

Ingersoll: Where you store that part under

Gilligan: Or where you are working with

Szychowski: I’ve never heard of cache-identifier.

Szychowski: Not finding anything that directyl references it.

Szychowski: I feel like you’re conflating input caching with http caching.

Szychowski: The cache that’s involved when fetching a page is distinct from the cache that stores input information.

Gascho: Ok, but can I empty that input information, it’s annoying me

Szychowski: The cached/autofilled information? sure. http://stackoverflow.com/a/2699400

Lelacheur: Loarca: yeah found that but it’s not doable after I submitted my form ? it’s kinda a lot of work to inplement that

Szychowski: Wrong autocomplete btw.

Szychowski: You mean you want to clear the inputs after submitting a form?

Szychowski: And the page has reloaded? oor.? because the stack overflow link i sent has everything you need.

Gathman: Szychowski: ok, will check that further then, found that post before

Emery: Page has nom reload, only some jquery reload thingy

Szychowski: I’m not sure what that means.

Kobylinski: Javascript reload then, not my whole part reloads only where javascvript kicks in with html output

Szychowski: So you’re doing ajax.

Jamal: Correction, Croghan javascript reload then, not my whole page reloads only where javascvript kicks in with html output

Fingerson: Szychowski: yeah! it confuses me all the time

Szychowski: It’s really not that confusing.

Falick: Szychowski: no I was reading about it in the past, when you helped me 4 months ago 😀

Wojcik: But I have braindamage

Ertley: Short term to long term mem issue

Kimbrow: I never give up, that is how I fix that part ;

Zangger: Szychowski: so your help in the past made my view wider, or actually. nothing is stupid if yuou keep improving it :

Bagheri: I have a ****ty keyboard and my head is starting to bang. I can do 2 things then. get sleep or go twice as fast as normal in that case

Beaubien: If you learn how to train your brain. wow you can do magic with it

Hinderman: Szychowski: never forget that when you get older, you can use other parts of your brain

Anelli: You just need to allocate them and that takes or a hard crash, so instantly or years, but try it, I think most IT people actually do

Newson: Kinda kewl, really it makes you feel you can fly. which I don’t recommend

Szychowski: Heh i’m totally lost, but okay :