Ha, ok. well then good day.

Khu: It triggers the .error event if it gets an error in the callback

Aguinaga: PrevObject: n.fn.init93, context: undefined

Sandovar: Cork: Alright, my code looks like this now: https://jsfiddle.net/u41obfub/2/

Elzey: No no, media doesn’t trigger the if case as it change.

Woytek: You need to do that in the resize event

Spadard: And it was meant to replace the $window.width 800 check.

Yunker: Btw the data itself produces html

Diesi: Whoknows: yes, but $data converts it to dom

Umnus: Cork: Ugh, I’m lost here.

Trentinella: Vanbecelaere: ok sorry, do it the other way then, i don’t have time to teach you right now

Lafranca: Cork: Alright, I’ll try to figure it out on my own – I’ll be in touch later if you’re still online

Dierker: Whoknows: did you try the filter solution?

Shelquist: Then data isn’t including the element

Hallemeyer: Data isicluding a whole page’s html got from ajax

Kolata: Well if you can’t find it with find or filter it isn’t there

Cortese: I tried this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17024009/how-to-filter-div-in-returned-html-output-through-ajax

Brayman: But still dunno about filter/find

Marks: Uncaught TypeError: #card-form is not a function

Strawser: Whoknows: var $data = $.p****HTMLdata; $data.find’:selector’.remove;

Gica: Whoknows: if you could include the data you get as response from the ajax request in a jsfiddle we could help you with it

Abramson: I’m getting a html5 page from ajax request data

Clucas: Http://pastebin.com/NTNnF0Nv here

Rumford: What’s the best way to learn jquery?

Deblasio: With book or online course?

Homrighaus: How do I get an element from a jquery mobile listview by index? sometihng like getElementByIndex3

Gonder: Huenergardt: from our topic: http://try.jquery.com/

Merritts: Kk thanks didn’t saw it :3

Moisant: What would be a safe split character to use ?

Horine: I have an string that I split into array

Barraco: But comma will cause problems down the road since I split”,”

Traczyk: Mostly strings, wordage and url

Keylon: But it can be anything since it is dynamically populated by user input

Mattila: You need a string that should not occur naturally

Mattila: Or otherwise would be encoded so it would not match

Romaniak: Does it involve money? don’t use currency symbols, does it involve urls? better not use : or /

Addy: Given the scenario what would be to safest way to split a string using with

Mattila: Your not restricted to just a single char

Nwabeke: Dude I don’t have time to go through some troll game

Steinworth: But thanks for your valuable input bud

Mattila: You could always encode it and separate with &

Schreder: Bracks: I am very much aware of that and I think I am very specific with what I was asking for. I appreciated the input. That’s why I specifically choose the word “safest character” in my sentence.

Cancino: Bracks: however I don’t understand why are you so defensive about it

Bracks: But “safest character” is still a relative term to what type of input you are getting

Bracks: Oh I’m not, just trying to explain that you’ve got everything you need

Franz: Bracks: “with an open mind” I wanted to see if there is a better practice I could implement

Bracks: Gotcha, well what have you come up with so far?

Bolda: Plus I don’t really need to confirm with anybody if I got what I needed or not. I think that is just part of the social communication for people taking part to determine.

Bracks: Ha, ok. well then good day sir