Guessx i got that to work.

Haislett: When finished my jQuery lesson it said VICTORY

Sellin: And i saying ohhh yee

Chea: Casa: Taking a look. What is the intent again?

Casa: I am trying to get the id of the div being faded in

Casa: Https://

Arledge: How can I make my #putrx button .show if the form has errors and .hide if there are no errors?

Casa: Each one is not shown

Casa: When they are fading in i need to grab that id

Flath: Casa everything under herocontent1 cl***?

Casa: I have tried alot of different ways .

Casa: Developer818 iferrorshowelse hide ?

Poetker: Casa do you know where that would slide into the function?

Ingrahm: Casa i have a sort of solution

Casa: Dev slide it in where you need it

Casa: Basicly after all of you errors have been created

Casa: I thought try catch was php pdo stuff

Bouvia: Casa, do you want them all to go at the same time, or one after the other?

Casa: Only if the div is being shown

Casa: This one is kicking my but

Neita: I grabbed all the id’s and thru them in an array, then cycled thru them

Fissel: I loaded jquery 1.10.1

Burell: But bootstarp says it requires greater than 1.9.3

Langin: So i checked in console using “$.fn.jquery”

Casa: Is it jquery.min.js ?

Casa: Are you loading it locally or from a link

Casa: Redownload 1.10.1 lol

Tso: What do you think is the culprit

Goss: Casa:

Kehn: Did you tell me something

Casa: I think you have the wrong version

Casa: I am not able to get that to work

Casa: Its sayig that the function line is not working

Casa: Guessx its saying that the functino is not a function

Hirano: Casa:

Casa: Ok the fade is working but the audio isn’t

Casa: That may be because the soundmanager is commented out

Casa: Ok thats working guessx

Casa: But the audio file is playing after the word is gone

Casa: Because its waitning until the delay is over and is fading out

Casa: Is there a way to play the audio file before you start the fadeIn

Phanthauong: Casa, move it all around – that fades it in, plays it, then fades it out pending length of file still playing it

Casa: Now all i have to do is have it do it 3 times in a random order and i will be done

Casa: As you can see i am doing it piece by piece

Spane: Randomize the number, between 0 and the ids length

Casa: I need to randomize it and put the word displayed in different areas

Casa: Var randomnumber=Math.floorMath.random*11 is only doing 1 random number do i need to remake the array ?

Joeckel: Casa:

Casa: Guessx is there a way to make it not repeat a number ?

Mckinsey: Sure add it into another array then add a for loop to check against it

Billo: Im sure you’ll cope with that

Casa: What do you mean add into another array

Dralle: Http://

Racitano: What browser versions are supported by jQuery UI? on Android and iOS

Schwartzman: Didn’t find any info here

Casa: Http://

Casa: Guessx i got that to work thank you