Example: .file: a.

Worek: Hi all, is possible change the color on a PNG with Jquery? sample, the green by a white? its correct PNG format or need be a jpg? thanks

Plumley: I’ve used event.preventDefault; return false; a thousand times. but for some reason, it’s just not working.

Hafenbrack: The weird part is that if developer tools is open, it works

Phlegm: I feel like i’m going crazy

Lapradd: I’m trying to click a link and replace the child img with a youtube video

Kettmann: But even when i reduce the problem, i still experience issues.

Dahlman: For example, if i remove the whole youtube api code. it still doesn twork

Leahy: Hi all, is possible change the color on a PNG with Jquery? sample, the green by a white? its correct PNG format or need be a jpg? thanks

Varone: I’m fairly sure one can not edit images with javascript on the fly

Swan: Jak2000 that’s why there is svg

Natt: Swan give me please a magic words for try search on googe.com p ls

Swan: Jak2000 first: javascript svg to learn the basics, then: javascript svg library to find and compare some svg libraries to make your life easier :

Burrow: Swan off topic quesiton, know about mysql?

Swan: Jak2000, yes, although I’m not an expert, but please bear in mynd there is a #mysql channel and there are good guys there too :

Abrial: Join please to #mysql

Weisenhorn: Uhkis: i figured it out

Balaski: It was the context of the click event

Vaneyck: I was defining it in the .load method of an image

Minervini: I implemented something with using datepicker and dialog you can click datepicker title to get month list. When you select a month , input box is filled with current date. Is there anything you can suggest me to avoid that. It is custom logic what i did here but you may suggest me something to avoid situtation https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/x1j739pt/

Waltman: I can make input box empty when you click box2

Lintz: But what i wonder is, is there any better solution?

Jolley: Hellyeah: where in that is the month list stuff, it’s a bit big fiddle

Lansdell: Well, doesnt even matter, you could just do $el.val”;

Norling: Line 51- line 143 i may comment out setDate line

Staggs: Uhkis: this is what i thought

Powells: Does it seem decent solution?

Blaschke: It’s simple and should work, what’s better than that

Coutermarsh: Uhkis: okey thanks for that

Osei: Btw this feature is implemented in datepicker with different way

Rumpca: What i wonder is my implementation looks good

Flam: I have two input boxes and two datepicker. input boxes are .from and .to i want to do title of datepicker clickable. For that, i bind an event ui-dateppicker-title thats fine

Sickles: But i want to do different thing in each title how can i select datepicker ininput box .from and .to seperately?

Dandy: Guys, stuck with unexplainable

Caraher: Doing a GET request with ajax. Getting back a SeeOther 303 code with Location to redirect. But the browser does nothing about it. Shouldn’t that redirect be happening anyway?

Ballowe: In this selector, $’.tree li.parent_li span’ — what does the ‘ ‘ signify ?

Dube: Ballowe: direct decdent

Ballowe: Urquidez, will .parent with a selector find ALL parents or just the direct ?

Paschall: How can i load a page into a div from my server? locally grab, not grab from a different server

Blocklinger: Like when an href is clicked, load that link in a div

Yonker: JQuery”.clicked-href”.clickfunction { jQuery”#container”.append’divblah/div’; };

Singuefield: Was trying $’#logo’.clickfunction{ $’.file’.load$this.attr’href’; return false; }; , but it would just open the external link

Mouldin: Example: .file: a href=”computing/bootstrapping-p****r.html”bootstrapping-p****r.html/a