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Cesar: Why .att’id’ not working damn

Katzenbach: Hello, I put this in a page and the select is empty: select id=”foo”/selectscript type=”text/javascript”$’#foo’.append’optionbar/option’/script

Michon: I know it’s supposed to work it works in jsfiddle for instance, but I get no error and in my page it does not

Piroso: CalimeroTeknik: what’s the error?

Piccard: Anyone can help me provide jquery with this script – http://pastebin.com/5gckA8V6

Erdmun: There is absolutely nothing in the console

Meringolo: That’s why I’m asking, jquery doesn’t seem to be talkative

Bindas: My goal is to refresh the picture when the user logs out

Lague: Is there any way to know what goes wrong when jquery returns no error and it works in a separate example?

Bamba: CalimeroTeknik: put some console.log before and after your event. If it’s not logging then your method doesn’t fire

Beatty: I did that already, I get the two messages

Lessly: If I do something like this $”#chartsDropdownMenu”.serialize; chartsDropdownMenu reprsenting the id of a div in which there are nested divs with checkboxes. It should grab all the checkbox names and values right?

Olivares: Then you might have some conflicts with your scripts. I don’t know your code so can’t really help

Minich: Thanks, I’ll try to remove them one by one

Renna: Hi. When i use a $.change for capturing a event, how can i FIRST let other events be activated, and then my event defined here

Wagner: Can anyone help me with this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/35339770/dynamically-added-elements-are-not-subjected-to-masonry-js

Vassen: Isnt masonry and infinite scroll like the first example

Mehrhoff: Anyone using the select2 plugin? If so can you tell me how to detect when the dropdown is opened?

Mcelmarry: On’open’ or on’select2-open’ does not trigger

Creech: And the do***entation for events is non-existing

Gawronski: I have a field : $’#field_d7eq4′; how can I easily cahnge the field type from hidden to text ?

Duckhorn: Hi, I’d like to discuss jQuery README on running tests. In short: 1 if a person does not know QUnit, there is very little chance they will realize that they have to set up a LAMP and serve the entirety of jquery. 2 there is no mention of npm run test

Bertman: All these questionss. xD

Lessly: Does serialize only work on form elements?

Denherder: I have a question regarding infinite scrolling. is there anyway i can get rid of the ‘jscroll added’ div that appears when using this partiular plugin jscroll?

Bubar: All3fox: those are probably issues for github

Warfield: Mark_____: probably not

Warfield: Unless you change the lib

Warfield: Why not just give it a css rule to hide it?

Getty: I can’t hide it cause there’s contents inside it

Guptill: Um,the problem im having is that

Thibodeau: If you got to this page : http://lifeto.cafe24.com/xe/request

Whittley: You can see how the divs are aligned properly by the masonry.js

Infantolino: But as you scroll through,the 2nd content comes up

Portello: But notice how there’s a separate line

Lomba: Because the contents are added by the jscroll

Northover: I just want to get rid of that line. that’s all

Hrovat: Can anyone help me xD

Mccumiskey: Ran out of water in your brain?

Blazer: You can create many datepickers and select the dates but each time i want to get spesific level of dates how can i do that any ideas http://jsfiddle.net/d07am8p8/15/

Crafton: Mark_____: my way is listening music all day

Moers: That keeps my brain active

Kindlimann: Everyday my distance from home to work + work to home is about 140km