Eh, homework. i’m not.

Shuffstall: How would I implement the timestamp version that someone mentions in that thread.broken down test case is here:

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 I’d ask in ##javascript instead.

Mongeau: This issue has been killing me

Fabre: Https://


Szychowski: That’s exactly the wrong way to do this heh,

Goldberger: Think about a way to not have to hardcode stuff

Szychowski: You were using .click a second ago.

Szychowski: Why can’t you use that any more?

Goldberger: 3 items, you start at 0, button increments that number until you hit items.length, after that you decrement until you hit 0

Goldberger: As a traffic light goes red yellow green yellow red

Szychowski: Decx something tells me that went way over their head ;

Szychowski: Also, not in the states :

Fabre: My friend told me to use it and i don’t under stand it

Szychowski: Decx ours just go green yellow red, then back to green.

Szychowski: Fabre it’s much easier to use.

Fabre: My one or you’re one ?

Goldberger: So you just floor it from red

Szychowski: Fabre – you should read the guide, but starting with would be a great idea for you.

Fabre: But i still don’t understand why i can’t use the on click

Szychowski: You shouldn’t. shoving that much code in there is a bad idea.

Szychowski: And it’s easier to maintain.

Szychowski: You said you wanted to learn :

Ihm: There’s more to ‘solving the problem’ than the immediate problem

Szychowski: Right, and if you want to learn, you might as well learn the “better way” to do it.

Fabre: Can i have a id in a var ?

Szychowski: You can absolutely get an element’s ID.

Fabre: Https://

Fabre: So after the ” shall i put the id of my circle ?

Szychowski: Why would you put it in an array?

Szychowski: Http:// lol

Fabre: The whole of the schools across the country have tasks like that

Goldberger: Scrap fill, use style fill&fillOpacity

Szychowski: Just pointing out that it’s almost identical.

Szychowski: Decx they can’t even figure out how to use an array correctly. i’m going to guess they’re really a true beginner.

Szychowski: Fabre i’d really suggest doing a tutorial of some kind to help you get your bearings.

Goldberger: Well that’s a good thing then

Goldberger: Cause instead of juggling strings you just put 1 or 0

Fabre: You people are rude as hell

Fabre: So way in over your self

Szychowski: Alright – everybody chill.

Ihm: We’re not the ones asking for help

Goldberger: Hey if i’m gonna get called rude ima go all in

Szychowski: Fabre nobody here was being rude towards you before you said that.

Fabre: Not even going to bother

Malinky: Well then. went 0 to 60 real quick

Szychowski: Not going to give them the chance.

Malinky: If only we had some sort of signal to help determine what went wrong.

Demarce: Wow I was JUST about to link to a fiddle where I solved his problem :p

Szychowski: Saying they wanted to learn to do it the right way and then totally ignored and argued against any advice we gave?

Ihm: Eh, homework. i’m not going to solve it