Doesnt jquery ui work with.

Sealander: Was that a philosophical question?

Columbus: But we can discuss it philosophically if you’re up to

Hardaway: Which would of course be OT, though

Vickrey: It is a difference whether you detach something or detach from something.

Cintra: Looks obvious enough to me

Millraney: That’s a different thing than my example

Egwuohua: And $’.container’.detach’.content’

Hettler: First one selects .content inside .container and detaches all found elements, right?

Milliner: Second one selects the container and then detaches all elements that match the selector in .detach

Adrid: I can’t see the difference

Aschbacher: Okay, there I missed something

Blumenstein: Detach without parameter indeed removes the element itself

Ditti: So the effect should be the same

Bonning: I think the second version is more obvious

Verdejo: But you are right, the effect should be the same

Eafford: I am training to create plugins using jQuery.

Mcduffee: Of course, I am using $.extend to override config object.

Kebort: What if I want to protect some properties from overriding?

Grajeda: Or I should create two properties for config. One – inner, that I can’t modify. Another is for overriding.

Martir: What is the simplest way to delete current day selection in jquery ui datepicker?

Maust: Hellyeah: $.datepicker._clearDate

Langtry: I didnt see that function in api

Nases: Do i need to write this with my own?

Texeira: Hellyeah: I found it here:

Costain: Its obviously an undo***ented function of the datepicker api

Scuito: Xatenev: ah thank you

Mcdanel: Xatenev: this is nice but this is nice exactly what i am after

Trepanier: When you click input box it shows may 9 i want to remove that

Stirgus: Http://

Tep: I think he changed inner structur of datepicker

Gugliotti: Currently trying to have a file download at the click of a button without having to change window

Gettinger: I’ve got something like this :

Divin: But it no works so far

Hollars: A does give a href=”blob:http://localhost/95bc83bb-4ff7-400a-9c0d-29565b939452″ download=”Title HBBTV.json”/a, which seems to be correct

Haaga: But I am not prompted to download it upon launching the script

Anderson: Slereah: How about a href=”path” download=”file_name.pdf”Download/a

Crown: Well ideally I would like the prompt to happen without clicking another button

Succar: You said at the click of a button

Fill: That is the button, you click it and it downloads the file.

Baranga: Yes, but the button launches the script, and the file is generated on the fly

Kozlovsky: Hence i can’t just put in the link on the button

Moen: Window.location=’file’;

Huettman: I tried that, but since it’s a Json file, it opens it in the browser directly

Sear: Hi guys i am using jquery ui for the accordion

Chall: I have included the min and css for it

Kohara: But doesnt seem to work has shown here

Puetz: No console error or anything

Kealy: I’m trying to select all divs containing javascript but i’m not quite sure how: any pointers would be appreciated

Gullage: Doesnt jquery ui work with jquery 2.1.3? i am trying to create a jsfiddle in the javascript where you click on the setting icon. you can choose which version of jquery you want to use. When i choose 2.1.3 it doesnt give you the option to choose jquery ui version but if you choose jquery 2.1.4 or 2.0.2 it give you the option for jquery ui version