Do you have a jsfiddle.

Sjoquist: Boogymanx: make a jsfiddle showing the html and the js code not working

Motonaga: Boogymanx: Using json for that.

Eilert: Halvors: why would a checkbox trigger submission of a form?

Dahan: Cork, so whatever element/object is p***ed in there should be reference to that object

Gehris: Cork: my use case is updating the search results based on added/removed filters

Hipsley: But in order to keep the original search I need to get those data-attributes

Burdo: Cork: Because i want user to be able to check boxes.

Ashman: Anyway, jsfiddle time

Qiu: It’s kind of a todo list.

Comrey: Boogymanx: $’form’.on’click’, ‘input:checkbox’, function { $this.closest’form’.trigger’submit’; }

Keto: Aw. hmmm its like i have span1 span2 span3 span4, edit_this_spanspan1 whatever i changed in span1 inside edit_this_span shall take effect on span1 element?

Usilton: Axscode: could you jsfiddle the context?

Almodova: Meaning the code your working with

Whittenbeck: Boogymanx: sorry wrong nick

Shoulder: Halvors: this was for you $’form’.on’click’, ‘input:checkbox’, function { $this.closest’form’.trigger’submit’; }

Cerroni: Cork: this is the fiddle but it works in the fiddle for some reason

Crumbliss: But whould that trigger only the form that the checkbox is in?

Ridall: Boogymanx: in your page do console.log$”.container-fluid”.length

Kugel: Before the .data call

Unland: Cork: Isn’t changed a more fitting event to use instead of click?

Tanski: Halvors: you want to replace the $’form’ with a specific selector for the form though

Pascascio: Cork: Why? That is what i want to avoid :

Ballestas: I’m working with a framework so it’s not all of the HTML and the data-attributes are gained from variables sent in the request context, but in source code they show up

Cronauer: Halvors: change is fine too, but checkboxes fire both when the checkbox is triggered

Edholm: Cork: the length returns 2

Grubman: Cork: And checked and unchecked?

Tokarski: Boogymanx: then you most likely grab the .data from the element without it

Sitzes: Halvors: change is triggered on both

Flanner: Check this.checked if you want one direction

Taborn: I’m working in a template that only has one div like that, but it includes page snippets that do have another container

Giegerich: Thanks Cork, I’d have been stuck for ages on that

Erlwein: Boogymanx: the simplest solution is most likely to use $ for lable

Rehberger: And $this.closest’.container-fluid’ for the div

Kasowski: Cork: Is there any way to avoid putting in a specific selector instead if form?

Suszynski: Hehe thanks Cork, it works what im trying to explain

Ueno: Halvors: if you only care about any form just leave it as form

Zaunbrecher: Http:// — I’ve got this file, and this image. why is the text not set or visible?

Flower: Halvors: if you bind it on form it will make all checkboxes trigger there form if they are changed

Goodwyn: Cork: returns the DOM element :p I only need the text really. I added an ID to the proper container, that fixed the issue :

Cordia: Thanks for the help! 3

Bobe: Boogymanx: ya, but the elements are relative, so why use id selectors when you don’t need them

Ayyad: Just means more to maintain

Ingleton: Cork: That’s no issue since theres only gonna be 1 :

Gaughan: Cork: Somehow the cod is not working for me :

Scherschligt: Halvors: then leave it as it is

Papania: Do you have a jsfiddle?