Creation of dom elements.

Goldberger: By that time your iframe already did load

Kardos: I thought .load fires instantly if it is attached after the load event.

Horger: Is it okay to put jquery scripts outside head?

Bohanan: In most cases it will run

Sarka: But its hard to maintain

Myerscough: Mohsen_ : it’s only by tradition you put scripts in the head

Goldberger: Nobody puts scripts in head anymore

Goldberger: Just before /body is the appropriate place

Goldberger: Unless you have something like modernizr which doesnt care about body content anyway

Calixte: It’s a wordpress website, so if I wanna put it inside head I’ve to put it inside header.php file. So if my script is just related to a single page.

Killmeyer: It will run in all pages.

Goldberger: That’s not how you do it in wordpress

Goldberger: You register and enqueue styles and scripts in your functions file

Collister: Even javascript scripts?

Goldberger: Prevents your plugins from double loading stuff that you already registered in your theme

Sheedy: Should I echo the script in the functions file?

Goldberger: Https://

Horine: SledgeDJ you still there? Got your problem sorted out or what?

Defrancesco: Trying to make load more button and append some elements. The things is when I click the button it doesn’t workno get request is send. What could be the problem?

Goldberger: It’s just .data – category

Scharmer: The event handler doesn’t react at all

Auston: I was trying to fetch data-category attribute, that was a bug, yes

Escarcega: But that is not the root of the problem

Goldberger: Well that’s probably when the function stops

Pummell: I put console.log with some at the top

Belasco: Works now. I was get the contentButton by getElementById and not jquery. Didn’t know I can’t use them interchangeably

Ihm: You can, you just have to wrap the Element

Kluber: I see, anyway, thanks for the help

Malstrom: How do I convert my function here: . to render in jquery mobile like this:

Waldschmidt: What could be the problem ? when I use regular unicode letters, the response is good and no errors, but when I use something that utf8 supports, I get –

Ihm: Akimb: maybe the has to be escaped? not sure

Ihm: Https://

Dass: Hello all, I have a unique task where I need to modify content of a modal window, but the script must load before the content to be modified.

Quear: I don’t have access to the head nor can I include the script down near /body

Emano: I also am not able to use async or defer

Lacroix: Can jQuery help me accomplish this?

Ihm: You have control over the creation of the content in the modal?

Schmaling: Not exactly – there is a simple HTML editor that allows the script tag. The contents are boxed-in on the modal.

Ihm: So. your script must come first, and you don’t have control of what is generating the modal?

Cattano: Using the Chrome console I can write a function that performs what I want since the modal is fully loaded at that time.

Ihm: Then short of some sort of polling to see when it’s available to modify it, i’m not sure what you could do. You could do possibly a MutationObserver, but they don’t have widespread support yet

Ihm: Someone else may have a better idea

Golanski: I was researching an event listener

Ihm: Creation of dom elements doesn’t fire events