Cork: Alright, I changed.

Osterfeld: ScrollY is the number of pixels the docuemnt has been scrolled vertically

Osterfeld: Offset is your elements offset to the top of the do***ent

Osterfeld: Relative to the do***ent

Pere: Oh, Osterfeld so when element scrolls in to view it’s at the bottom of the page – but scrollY is at the top and I should just add the window height?

Osterfeld: What value do you want?

Frair: I just want to execute a function when element scrolls in to view

Osterfeld: Ok so you wanna knwo when the element is above the viewport

Osterfeld: So you wanna compare $window.scrollTop to $

Osterfeld: So do this to your code

Osterfeld: Console.log both of those values

Osterfeld: And watch the numbers

Hirai: Https:// Why is the method returning false. The number 2 is in the list

Stachurski: Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrogn?

Carby: Does each require a break?

Muenchow: Holy **** return true doesn’t actually return

Hymes: Chirafisi: you’re returning true from the each’s function, then returning false on the parent of each’s function

Kid: Yeah, I just figured it out

Hevia: I didn’t realize each wasn’t broken on return

Sittner: I fixed it. Thanks Uhkis

Brass: Https:// a bit cleaner

Rusaw: Uh, isn’t it redeclaring the var p everytime?

Tuch: Chirafisi: what is that code supposed to do

Mcnary: Just check if the next page number is in the list

Luevano: The next page number is 2

Bihl: And the list is, well, #paginationlist

Crumly: So, 1 & 2 should return true and 3 not?

Englin: Only 2 should return true

Ziesmer: Which it seems to be doing

Traff: Any ides why $this.closest’form’.trigger’submit’; isn’t sibmitting my form?

Bessellieu: I did $set $PATH=. then logout login and my path is same as before

Oriordan: Those paths I deleted I didn’t include are still there and those I added are not. It must be in a config file, but it isn’t ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc or in /etc/

Holstrom: Hello everyone, is there any way to “force” an element to be relative to the do***ent, body or the html? I know about .appendTo but the thing with that is that it’ll move my element from the current position in the HTML.

Selle: Something like this:***ent-not-parent-container

Yaegle: Vanbecelaere: you can set position: fixed

Antoniuk: But other then that; no absolute will be relative to the closest parent with position: absolute or relateive or fixed

Chae: Cork: I tried, but it’s still relating to the article which is position: relative and not to the do***ent

Calvent: Fixed doesn’t go relative to anything except the closest viewport

Kommer: If the article is an iframe, then ya that is expected

Uddin: Cork: Still acting like before, like nothing happened:

Trilt: Don’t send images for debugging

Freeh: Make a jsfiddle reproducing the problem

Depena: Cork: I’ll try, hold on

Gallaway: What is the safest way to tell that an ajax request has ended.currently I just use the dev tools network panel to to check that.

Hedrix: Dimi1947: the .always callback

Scurti: Is this part of the jquery API?

Vansice: Cork are you referring to deferred.always?

Kabel: Cork: Alright, I changed some of the HTML structure to get it more right. But now I’m wondering how can I find the element, since it’s outside the i tag now, before it was inside and I guess I need to use $this to avoid triggering every “dialog” kinda looking section