Complex stuff is.

Loeper: Do you want to refresh the whole page or just the results?

Skora: Is the question you have to ask yourself

Balow: Hi, I’ve got a grid of squares ul with li’s floated left I’m trying to make it so when I click and drag it highlights those within the imaginary rectangle of the mouse drag. Coming across some problems though

Veyna: E.pageX – $e.currentTarget.offset.left pageY/.top for Y gets the mouse position relative to the UL, but I can’t seem to get the proper position of each LI relative to the parent

Breitkreutz: I want the user be transfered to a different page upon clicking a result.I ***ume that means no AJAX

Bunker: Well if you want to send users to another page . then you use action=” to that page . the whole page will refresh

Mcnay: U use ajax when you want current content to be updated without refreshing the whole page

Ostler: Is $ jQuery0 correct ?

Canel: Mattila: only if $ = jQuery

Mattila: If you don’t have the no conflict mode on

Meidlinger: Uhkis: $ is never jQuery

Rauzman: If it was jQuery it would be the return value from jQuery

Pardue: And $ wouldn’t make any sense either

Presas: You would have to do $.find in that case :

Catena: Unless function can return a function?

Hudlow: But it isn’t what jQuery does

Erhardt: Js can really be weird 😀

Mattila: Whole revealer patter revolves around returning functions, :

Sopp: Js function me { return function { return ‘Yes it is’; } }; printme

Kulas: Must be called “the **** operator” 😀

Mattila: I see we prefer different things, lmao

Mattila: It’s kinda close to the IIFE though, but a step away

Luckenbill: Unable to debug why the page is reloading after a callback

Ferrone: Having a hardtime, any suggestions?

Barvick: I love knowing so absolutely little about CSS. I feel like it makes me special

Mattila: Tuskkk___: we’d need to see an example

Primiano: Yeah, it’s even harder with only a ***ue description ;

Barvick: How slow would it be to add a cl*** to a few elements during the initial load?

Bravard: Not at all, but why not do it statically?

Barvick: I’m thinking of doing an above-the-fold cl*** generated by initial width

Plauche: Mattila: cant reproduce it with smaller code

Becht: Uhkis: CSS media queries: width versus device-width – JavaScript Kit →

Barvick: Right, but generating both the js and styles for any cl*** that happens to be above the fold

Mattila: Tuskkk___: what event is the callback handling? what is the callback doing? more details please

Barvick: Especially if there’s a nice bit of introductory content to focus on for the remaining 3 or 4 seconds

Ly: Hi! I use jquery .load to get contents of a PHP page. The PHP page can return a lot of data, but what does jquery .load status expect? From where does it get if status is error or ok?

Mattila: It should be based on the http response code

Meiggs: I’m a shill kline me plz

Corsino: WG1337: you’re better off using .get or .ajax

Marohnic: Mattila, yes, you were right, it reads from header repsonse code. Thanks!

Restuccia: WG1337: you get more options for handling those situations

Opheim: Mattila: called the person who wrote that code, and he solved it in 5 secs

Pallett: Well that’s not surprising at all

Mattila: Did he explain to you what was wrong?

Mcgranor: Yes, just had to set a flag

Barreira: That flag was causing a reload on the other page

Nikula: Complex stuff is javascript