But I don’t think it’s.

Poudrier: Cork: Aaah, alright – I understand so if it’s true it should not run the statement if it’s true, but if it’s false then run?

Sather: Davetarmac: Good morning

Ceraso: I’m trying to get review stars to highlight previous scores, but the script I’m using doesn’t seem to be working: https://jsfiddle.net/g4cLqhs1/

Garmen: It is highlighting them, but when I click on the third star for instance, only the first one stays selected

Cante: Cork: Alright, thank you so much again! You’re a true master ;

Chubicks: Davetarmac: how would the plugin know the previous score?

Mierzwiak: Davetarmac: unless you set the previous scope in the input type=”radio” it won’t have anywhere to get it from

Roby: Cork: sorry, I mis-spoke. I meant that if you hover over the 3rd star, 1 and 2 would also highlight

Saglimbeni: You can’t do that with radio buttons

Obrian: Then when you click on the third star, 1 and 2 stay highlighted

Sin: I looked at the unstyled code

Waddel: Cork: that’s where this plugin comes in: http://www.fyneworks.com/jquery/star-rating/ :

Sheaff: Davetarmac: well the plugin looks a bit broken to me

Dutil: I was afraid of that.

Antonsen: Do you happen to know an alternative?

Davide: Never needed to implement a rating interface

Neat: Though i get intrigued

Guttirez: I have a feeling this should be doable without js :

Combes: I tried implementing a css only method, but because of the markup it’s magento so I don’t really want to change too much it didn’t work

Flook: Ah, ya the html would have to be in a specific order for that to work

Figueiras: The css relied on using the sibling selector, but because they’re in a table, it didn’t work at all

Grosswiler: You could solve it by just adding some extra label tags though’

Diener: Ouch didn’t even see that :s

Stuve: Ya, that kinda makes that impossible

Hasenbeck: Welcome to my world of pain :

Hamra: I managed a drupa site a few years back

Goggins: And it was this kind of pain all the time

Almanzar: It dosen’t even make the rating numbers clickable.

Melling: Ugg an ids with spaces in them. lovely

Parise: Hello guys, do you know if there’s a plugin similar to this here on the select Date and prices http://www.itaka.pl/en/madeira/hotel-dom-pedro-garajau,FNCDOMG.html?ofr_id=71f6cfd35ccc64bd109a7721847ee942b2f47352f3f333960c2be46b9fbca4ea&adults=2 you can switch between different months

Monahan: If i have an external js file

Droesch: How can i execute it actually

Hinz: So what do i have to put around the variables and calls ?

Ganaway: Damianlilli_: a js resource gets executed when you ask the browser to p**** it

Hackenberg: So you don’t have to put anything around anything

Reinbold: Just either do script src=”url”/script

Solis: Or $.getScript if it is dynamic

Griggs: Davetarmac: just for the fun of it: http://jsfiddle.net/8jq8vpzg/

Herring: And is prob how i would do it _

Gersten: With some snacy css styling though _

Bartosch: Http://jsfiddle.net/8jq8vpzg/1/

Cassem: Http://jsfiddle.net/8jq8vpzg/2/

Mussenden: Cork: why do you dir=”rtl”?

Ellenberger: I’ve put the actual markup in to the fiddle, but for some reason it’s not working :

Chatelain: Cork: http://jsfiddle.net/mks5psnc/1/

Borgen: Davet: you need to mod the css to the new id

Rocco: Guessx: new id? I’ve put the whole div in to the td which should take care of that

Dickhaut: But I don’t think it’s going to work at all because there is validation that seems to rely on the table structure :