Btw, what is projInfo? I.

Burn: But ajax adds no protection compared to just linking it in an img tag

Hullihen: Hello . has anybody used nv.d3.js for drawing charts

Latterell: I am drawing chart on a gridster item. but the graph is going outside the item

Capener: Mintmoney: to be clear 5 secs in the browsers network tab will give them the image anyway

Dilullo: As long as they p*** in the id param

Harbolt: And it matches their session data

Rideau: And my point is, just put the url in an img tag

Crotteau: And let the browser render the image directly

Hardeman: So why is it displaying just a string! lol. i will try putting it right in the image tab

Mcfalls: It will be just as secure

Kotts: Ugh what a headache for such a simple answer lol

Novick: Sorry for being your headache mintmoney :

Voglund: Kamuela: no not you, lol. thank you for the help as well!

Headley: I was just trying everything before even asking in here

Benike: I love that feeling of relief after you get all stressed out trying to solve some ridiculous problem, but it’s better when I’m not the one creating the problem, still satisfying though lol

Gingery: On your server side though, i guess the reason you’re opening that readstream is just to make sure the file exists?

Tuggles: I think your node-dir module would check for that before though

Hemmeter: Yes, I can get rid of that I think

Guyett: So that big long string of characters is called a Blob? lol

Poppert: Mintmoney:

Chao: Especially Kamueal and Cork :

Gillette: Http:// — I’ve got this file, and this image. why is the text not set or visible?

Saltern: How does one go about writing jQuery alongside non-jquery code? Is the done-thing to adopt object oriented style programming?

Tant: Putting all your objects properties and methods inside of a global object perhaps?

Glacken: Sauerkirsche: you normally don’t need to do anything to use jquery along side things

Tubville: Unless the original code depends on a framework that uses $

Helmich: Is mime type validation in forms not recommended?

Krys: I had problems with

Rogacki: So I just concluded that nothing can be done

Nitchals: Unless I move all the validation logic to be solely server based and ajax it back to the front end

Foglesong: You mean validate the contents of a file?

Foglesong: Based on it’s mime type?

Kilichowski: Currently logic is front and back end

Foglesong: That’s back end validation

Vorel: Should I add ajax to send validation to backend and return it to front end before form submission

Foglesong: Typically what i have seen for front end is simply checking/restricting the extension, but interrogating the file to make sure it is what it is, is a backend operation

Labonne: The back end I do mime type and hash comparison

Foglesong: To validate it you’d have to send it, so not sure how much you’d save by sending it twice in a good case

Barrena: Yeah weird if I validate twice

Grade: Wonder what I should do

Mcsween: Hi I have a problem I am using that code to scroll to anchors in my website which works perfect

Mcsween: But I need to add some more offset because I am using a fixed header.

Mcsween: ScrollTop: 150 + is for example not working.

Mcsween: I need that so I can see my titles again from the sections where I am scrolling to. Has someone a suggestion how I can fix that?

Suydan: It was indeed minus 100 instead +

Cambareri: How do i add a varible to a query selector $id = 12 $”panel-+$id”.hide; ?

Flinton: Yeah, forgot the #, but would this work? $id = 12; $”#panel”+ $id.hide;

Shartle: Personally i never use it

Mathur: Anyone using jquery cycle? looks broken af?

Fratus: Hello everyone. I don’t get why this doesn’t work: What I want is that when I click on the fa icon it should pop up an dialog called .project-info and it should be the specific one that’s inside the article, so I should use the $this, but I can’t really get it to work out

Baich: Rycroft: I guess, it worked fine before – but then it loaded the same all the time, I want to use the $this to get the specific one that’s inside the post

Tubeszewski: Well one thing, lines 10-12 are executing every time you fade in. you probably want to do that outside so you only bind once

Onishi: If you can click the icon multiple times, it would also be binding multiple times there too

Mattila: Http://

Mattila: Btw, what is projInfo? I see it used but not defined