Both index.html and login.

Housewright: I have no idea how to interpret that, I need to learn how to understand that.

Cornea: The first line is I always get this wrong an immediately executing anonymous function

Pollaro: Or something like that. It means that anything inside the can’t be evaluated until the dom is completely loaded

Sekula: Funtion $ { is a lot like $do***ent.readyfunction {

Howes: I ***uming it’s something like a opener for a jquery code.

Weigl: It makes sure that all your elements are in the dom before you try to select themn

Hollarn: Just like prototype, that means $something.somefunc should now work

Folsom: Http://

Leider: This is the whole file. I can read it somehow, but I don’t have the capabilities to edit around it.

Michl: Or even how to use this code.

Romeno: Since this is a plugin, you should ask it’s author for help. He/she implemented the code so you could use this syntax:

Gochal: He do have some do***entation, a demo for it.

Mallari: And that’s how I work on it, I managed to implement all the things by kinda playing around with his code.

Hauley: Picking apart plugins is going to be tricky.

Mroczkowski: But right now, I need to go beyond his work and implement further features you see.

Keany: But I’m pretty sure it’s still easier as compared to coding a whole jigsaw plugin out solely.

Gabri: It’s almost always best in here to tell people what you are tyring to accomplish—your end goal and let them help you get there. That gives you opportunity to learn as you go

Buendia: Whirledpress: would you happen to have an idea why $.mobile.changePage”index.html”,”slide” doesn’t work at all but it does with any other .html file in the same directory as index.html?

Covel: I would love to do that. But I’m not really sure how to.

Shillings: Hurry, I am not that up on jqmobile, but $.mobile.changePage seems like weird nomenclature to me

Nale: If you don’t know what you want, how can we help.

Mikovec: As in like, I’m not sure how I would explain it here.

Sicilia: Whirledpress: besides, $.mobile.changePage works on any other page

Ingerson: It’s kind of a project.

Kaus: Is it possible that your site is redirecting index.html the way wordpress redirects everything?

Tippie: Whirledpress, I have no idea on this, but would coding out a jigsaw plugin be a better choice here?

Schnick: Pickandmix, let me consult my crystal have a sort of project that you don’t know what you want to do with or how to do it, but you wan tto know if coding a jigsaw plugin here is the way to start.

Chirino: Hurry, i’ll lookup the changePage method and see what I can find

Hansell: Hurry, I think that “slide” has to be an object

Harmening: Whirldpress: could you guide me on a good book yeah?

Gallati: Whirledpress: I use it with the same syntax everywhere

Tokita: Hurry, did you try $.mobile.changePage”./index.html”;

Pieloch: Whirledpress: tried, no dice

Shanberg: Fun fact: I do console.log”login.js is “+window.location.pathname in login.js and it prints login.html

Piedigrossi: Login.js is src’d from login.html

Barrick: Console.logwindow.location.pathname returns what?

Rickley: Can you look at index.html and determine what is in it. It probably has a redirect to login.html if the person’s not logged in

Halsted: So changepage wont work

Ruddell: A cl***=”grayBtn” href=”login.html” data-transition=”slide” data-role=”button” id=”loginBtn”GiriƟ yap/a

Burdsall: What do you mean you only have this? that’s the only content in index.html

Galdon: The only line referencing t login.html

Kiefer: Want me to pastebin it?

Mastella: Http://

Why: Both index.html and login.html