Bobdobbs: see if his works.

Recuparo: Ok ignore me if anyone was looking at my earlier post

Trailor: Coraxx: I would read through that github tutorial to get a better understanding of jstree, you will probably also be dealing with events and more configuration later on.

Tietje: Nxplus: THANK YOU so much for your time . now I’ve have something to work on :- . hopefully I will get better at this GUI programming .

Horkey: Nxplus: I’m usually the backend programmer.

Munoz: Yeah no problem, had very little to do this evening :

Dearth: Nxplus: yup sure will .have already bookmarked and cloned the github page.

Schmoyer: Nxplus: just curious .where are you from in the world ?

Eskra: I have $’#last_name, #first_name’.blur functione{. How do I know which element the blur has occured on? this.something?

Yerbich: Can someplease gimme a solution to stop touchmove on body ?

Jardon: When i add a listener and preventDefault, every div stop scrolling, not only the body

Aul: I get the name of an element with var fieldName =; and thats fine, but how do I get the value of that element?

Phillips: FieldValue = $fieldName.val; ?

Fillman: Shai-Tan, yep, use .val

Blevans: If its an input, or text or html if its a div, p or whatever

Schnebly: Its an input id=”last_name” .

Pirollo: But it is coming back with undefined if I use var fieldName =; var fieldValue = $fieldName.val;

Purdy: Var fieldValue = $”#”+fieldName.val; ?

Luttrull: Thats Sal, pointing my in the right direction

Riden: May your riches be filthy and your women filthier

Federle: I’m trying to write a userscript for a site. i want to hide some text. unfortunately, the text is p atext i don’t want to hide/a atext i want to hide/a other text i want to hide /p

Sylvis: I’m not sure what the proper way of doing this is

Ravenelle: Idk why basically every site i ever want to make a userscript for has basic markup issues like this

Porta: Arc_:are you trying to hide on click?

Mortinez: Lol. i’m just going to store the first anchor in a variable and delete the contents of the p and then reappend the contents of the var

Halyk: You could achive the hiding with css

Soapes: Hello , I would like to return an object inside a function like so: line 13 — is it possible?

Burkholder: Arc_:

Zmek: D-rex but the last text is not inside a span

Koritko: I have no control over the html, that’s why i’m writing a userscript

Endow: Arc_: try this for the css option should work

Ahern: I’d like to attach a click event to an element which doesn’t yet exist in the DOM. My understanding is that I should be able to do this with ‘on.

Land: This is what I have:

Torngren: That element doesnt exist when the page loads. It gets injected by a script.

Wurgler: However, my script doesn’t have my desired outcome: if I click on the link I don’t get a message to the console

Moring: Try changing click to mousedown

Wash: Had a similar problem wne using mustache templates.thats what did it for me

Killean: Change the word click to mousedown

Meza: D-rex: ok, in my js file, I’ve made that alteration. But I still don’t get the desired outcome. However.

Kissee: If I first ***ure that the element exists in the DOM, and then I paste the rewritten function into the console. then I get the outcome I want.

Herre: I’ll double check to make sure I’m writing to the correct file

Kully: Yes. I’m definitely loading the correct file

Reiff: So. why would my script not be “working”?

Jacquemin: Bobdobbs: see if his works