Blink is a fork of webkit.

Steinhagen: Am I making that more complicated than I need to?

Ihm: I was waiting on that

Szychowski: It was about that time.

Vizena: Ihm how can I toggle .css’display’, ‘block’ when an item is clicked?

Szychowski: What’s the other status of it?

Boomhower: By default in my css it is display: none

Szychowski: Http://

Wolfenbarger: _TWG_: in general try not to have radio and checkboxes without labels, it’s bad UX

Upham: Oh they have labels. That was just some quick code.

Mcmicheal: Cool : Sorry, pet peeve of mine.

Lillian: Ok so I have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out this HTML5 video issue in Chrome. When I click on the video to pause it or go further in the seek than what has been preloaded, I get: “The play request was interrupted by a call to pause”

Buchbinder: The only article someone showed me was: but I’m not sure that fixes it

Lopata: I have most of my other logic done, and this works in Safari/FireFox, just not Chrome :

Mineah: ADM_Dan no need to apologize

Lesnick: ABM_Dan no need to apologize

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 “but I’m not sure that fixes it”

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 also:

Ruminski: Szychowski I read that Chromium issue, but they haven’t even addressed it yet

Schaubhut: It’s broken even in Chrome Canary still

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 right, you found a browser bug.

Carmin: And I tried adding this to my JS but I get t.pause is not a function

Szychowski: Because video is a jquery object.

Szychowski: Jquery objects don’t expose the underlying dom methods and properties.

Viteo: When I add video.get0.pause.then.I get Cannot read property ‘then’ of undefined

Szychowski: You sure you’re targeting the right element?

Payer: Yes: var video = jQuery’.main-video’;

Szychowski: Https://

Szychowski: What happens f you do this?

Angland: Szychowski it returns a 2 in the console

Szychowski: And what kind of elements are they?

Doberstein: Video cl***=”main-video”.

Szychowski: I’d have to play with it to see what’s up.

Finders: Hmm but what does it mean by “Cannot read property ‘then’ of undefined”.does that mean no items were found?

Szychowski: So you have something like video.get0.pause.then, right?

Szychowski: So look at the error message – “Cannot read property ‘then’ of undefined”. that means .pause returns undefined.

Szychowski: I ***ume the video fully isn’t working right now?

Szychowski: Then yeah, i got nothin’.

Szychowski: I’d have to see it and play with it.

Gerth: I understand, I have it all locally though

Greff: Let me try to make a fiddle

Szychowski: Oh you mean the code – you could setup a test case in a fiddle and find a video someewhere to link.

Dillard: Tbh it is just frustrating that Chrome is the one, of all browsers

Szychowski: Chrome’s actually pretty broken in a lot of ways.

Lipski: Safari runs this the best lol

Szychowski: At one point there were more fixes in jquery core for webkit when chrome was on webkit than pretty much all other browsers combined.

Szychowski: And that’s not terribly surprising. the webkit guys love making shiny and new stuff.

Gerraro: So how is blink compared to that

Szychowski: Blink is a fork of webkit.