Berpcor2: the arguments are.

Endicott: Berpcor2: also variables isn’t defined in the function declaration

Kastler: this?,output

Onusko: Function doSomethin— {}

Apolo: Jagst3r15: no find isn’t valid

Oconnel: You don’t need find if you don’t want to find another element

Gapp: Just do videoPlay.function

Bruckmeier: Cork: So, again, I should see the docs and find out what arguments function gets by default and to get it inside my function I should declare it in function doSomethinge{.}?

Goldberger: Really gotta slag that click function Jagst3r15 there’s too much going on in there

Lafarga: Berpcor2: you can name it what ever you like

Casebier: Decx I will optimize it after, Ihm already showed me how to do most of that

Kibler: I just need to fix this socket issue

Gorzynski: Berpcor2: the do***entation is to know what the content is

Frasca: Berpcor2: function doSomethingfi, fa, fo, fum {} is totally valid and will work

Goldberger: Just write your own callback once then you’ll understand

Beese: Cork: doesn’t seems to be working.

Larabell: Cork – like this?,output . if so that throws an error

Stjean: Berpcor2: well you need to use the variable you picked :

Reph: Cork: Variables is defaulr for pure API functions?

Barjenbruch: Jagst3r15: ok i don’t know why that one fails

Melchiorre: Need a bit more to go on then “throws errors”

Primer: Berpcor2: the only “magic” variables you need to remember for functions are “this” and “arguments” the rest are explicit

Aldecoa: Cork:

Twiner: Https://

Trial: Berpcor2: doSomethingCustomNameForArgument —

Szychowski: Berpcor2 “variables” is not defined anywhere.

Bocanegra: Those need to be the same

Applewhite: What ever name you pick

Szychowski: Console.logvariables; – console.logCustomNameForArgument;

Bordges: Cork so,output the erros I see jquery-1.11.3.js:8234 Uncaught in promise DOMException: The play request was interrupted by a new load request.

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 i thought we covered this last week.

Szychowski: You’re htting a browser bug in chrome.

Ehrenfeld: I think there are ways around it

Tagaca: What am I supposed to do, wait 5 months for them to fix it?

Szychowski: I linked you to fixes last week. what happened with those?

Vanwinkle: I would prob load the player in an iframe for chrome

Jobes: And just reload that page

Szychowski: It’s really important to provide that context for people so they understand what problem you’re trying to solved

Klingner: I think I tried a few of those without any luck

Cullison: Needless to say my code isn’t the cleanest but Chrome is being a piece of crap

Szychowski: I’m just pointing out that it’s really salient to tell people that the issue you’re having is due to a confirmed browser bug.

Petersheim: Cork: Variables are p***ed to function no matter if I use it or not. How does interpreter knows when he should insert some unknown for ma value instead of parameters I set for functions? And how does he knows exactly what he should replace?.

Duverne: Szychowski a bug that has been in chrome for 3 years lol

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 sure, it’s still a bug.

Uehara: Berpcor2: all arguments end up in the arguments variable

Fiorello: Well the fixes i have tried dont work

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 that’s fine, it’s still relevant information.

Hedlund: Berpcor2: the arguments are mapped from left to right as long as there are any value to enter or variable to put in them