Because i tried setting up.

Beaton: It’s one row that has a number of cells in them

Schick: That wrap on the screen to multiple rows

Rozon: I thought of splitting everything up into separate rows

Tomka: But I’m using bootstrap’s breakpoint cl***es a lot

Leung: And I don’t think they would still work

Tabuena: Hi. I am trying to hide and show an overlay on mouseover an image using jquery, it works but if i am hovering on the image and the overlay appears it then hides again because i am now hovering over the new element. How can i fix this?

Hepworth: I need to know total width in pixels of text from textarea. How to do this?

Jungbluth: I try to copy textarea value to some div, and then get width of this div.

Bialecki: Why do you need to know that

Lindeland: Sahbeewah: because I need to know how many lines of text are in textarea

Ormerod: Good morning/noon/evening whatever time zone you are in. I’m trying to figure out why a certain css animation triggers twice in sometimes. The animation call happens in jquery. Page in question When using the controls or arrow keys it never repeats but on mousewheel it sometimes freaks out.

Pezzano: Toomus: copy textarea value to a div with the same width as the textarea, then divide resulting div height by line height

Rippey: This chat is a lot more full than I expected

Kemper: Anyways. I’ve got a question that I’m guessing is kind of stupid and basic, but I can’t figure it out. I don’t know much about jQurey aside from basics. I’m trying to append something to one td from another td’s info without using a loop and getting undefined

Schlaack: TripleXero: if possible i strongly recommend to NOT use :contains

Hansmann: It might look like a good idea, but what jquery does in the background is something you should never do

Hirata: TripleXero: i recommend adding a cl*** for that info to the element instead

Mullin: And you can’t append a value from a relative element without a loop

Teti: I did the contains thing because I’m trying to modify a forum that loads new data on scroll and it was re appending things on reload. Is there a better way to avoid that?

Nichter: That is about the cleanest you can get

Martinolli: It would require adding a cl***=”posted” to the trs though

Plainy: Works pretty well, thank you so much. and its adding the changes to the newly loaded data a ton faster too

Umberger: I only really know html and css pretty well but it seems like jquery has a lot of possibilities and is worth learning so i’m just trying to ***** around with it in little projects

Kahahane: TripleXero: ya, i moved it to use native css selectors

Mattas: And yes that makes it a lot faster

Macmanus: On my page I have input type=’submit’ id=’next-btn’ value=’Next’ /, but when I do: jQuery’#next-btn’ it returns: – any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Brodi: Seldon75 I may be remembering wrong now but iirc yuo cant have – in id names? just _

Bartrop: Its been a whiel since ive actually paid attention to selectors ;

Maenner: Lesesne: sure you can use – in ID’s

Marante: Seldon75: show the whole code please

Narkier: Xatenev Ah . . It must just be an old habbit why I use _ then :

Merck: Lesesne: the only rule is that you cant start with a number think

Pelini: Sorry it was my own mistake

Foree: How do you guys use a popup backdrop div?

Ghosh: Do you create on fly before showing the popup?

Sherratt: Or do you already have a hidden div in the page and show it before the popup?

Brody: Its usually included in whatever im using, be it bootstrap or jquery-ui or whatever

Hamburg: Ot, third, do you prepare the popup alreay with a div wrapper that is the backfrop?

Michelin: Because i tried setting up the popup with a wrapper div as backdrop, but i had problems with the “click-on-backdrop-close” funtion