Based from what I’ve.

Rapanot: Whirledpress: Nothing works now

Mckusker: Ill make a fiddle for you guys

Amstein: Whirledpress: Where should I look for?

Kuster: Is it supposed to wrappall the content in the loop?

Comstock: Or in each element in the loop

Kovach: It’s the wrapper for the image and everythin, I do animation with it

Linkhart: So it encloses .project-info or no?

Mckusker: Here’s a fiddle with the plugin loaded and a super basic example in there

Mckusker: Http://

Mckusker: I want to use a JS call to start the walkthrough not the button/tab click.

Bonnette: Vanbecelaere, so you have inside the loop an article element with an single div child. Then inside that div, you have the featured icon, the exceprt and the full content holder but no content does that sound correct?

Goar: Hey! When I create an element with $’div’; and append it to a container; is there a way to remove them completely from memory?

Cottle: Whirledpress: Right, in responsive mode it’s like that, but all through it’s working out in responsive mode, and also when it’s in responsive mode it gets inside the .wrap-all and outside it’ll go outside it – maybe that’s where’s the problem occurs – like, it’s outside the .wrap-all not inside it

Reekers: Where is it doing this?

Jukes: On line 77

Cullers: Why not doing things for smaller sizes with css?

Ponzi: Huenergardt: Bcuz, you can’t add cl***es and do event with CSS.

Langlois: Vanbecelaere, use media-queries to set up various size parameters for your elements

Mitzner: Yes, and I’ve done that

Tigar: I always learned don’t depend on javascript for making the website work

Wigg: Well, for one thing. $allarticles should be blank

Croxen: Or css for that matter.

Kuzel: Are you telling my that the allArticles is causing the problem with not loading the content on big screen?

Carrecter: I’mn telling you that I would go about this entirely differently. I would load the page and generate the links. Then when the links were clicked, I would create in a separate location all together a new holder that I could load the content from that link into.

Sprengeler: When you load new article elements, however, be advised that you can’t get to them with $allarticles. They weren’t defined when you defined $allarticles

Hamburg: Whirledpress: Right, I follow you on that one. How can I create elements when I load the content from single.php then?

Fingerman: Vanbecelaere, this is roughly, and I mean roughly how I would setup the php side.working on the jq side

Rzepecki: Https://

Lindersmith: Whirledpress: This won’t work localhost:8888/wp4/single.php

Risso: Https:// That’s the rough idea for loading your content.

Eichmann: Keep in mind this is just the way I would do it. I haven’t tested it or debugged it or even had a look at what you expect the final outcome to look at, but it gives you some good snippets to digest and hopefully you can go from here. I gotta eat something.

Liekhus: I still can’t figure out pros/cons of having a long timeout on ajax calls like 20 secs. I noticed that there are rare times we’d get the response from our api beyond 20 secs.

Waldrip: By then you customer is gone

Bernatowicz: I am not able to set the focus on click ?****/pen/PPPgWp

Reisner: Folks, on my error: functioncollection, response, options, the response looks like a promise. I see methods like “abort, always, complete, done, .etc”. How can I access it inside the error callback?

Partipilo: Based from what I’ve noticed with ajax timeoutjust a confirmation from you folks, that when we setup a retry in ajaPrefilter, it will not go to error callback until it has completed the number of retries we have set. I placed a breakpoint on the prefilter and on the error. It went to prefilter 3 times before it went to error