As in like this is the.

Pastora: Juro: yeah, it doesn’t work with index.html

Calo: So it seems your reference is incorrect?

Zerangue: Yes, but it seems you “are in” some sub directory, so that you need to append the “./” in order to reference the index.html .

Deyoung: Juro: for your question, I think you can use .done

Wedlock: Juro: when I change index.html to ./index.html, it complains

Rohr: Yes, as there is no index.html in the parent directory?

Moulder: Wait, what? this could be it!

Quinerly: Hurry, yeah, I know that – I just don’t know how to create and manipulate the queue .

Chanley: Juro: index.html is in the parent directory

Rauhuff: So ./index.html should work

Warrior: Well, that depends on in what context you are referencing “index.html”

Mosses: Phonegap refers to it as /android_***et

Cardosa: Or it is referred to as

Rohdenburg: I log the current directory, and it shows the directory index.html is in

Ragone: How can I get an array of all attributes of one element?

Heatherington: Preferably filtered, e.g. “data-*”

Kawata: I have some ad-tags that are not async

Speck: I’ve added them inside my own async scripts which will then load them from there

Chisholm: Script src=”loader.js”/script

Blotsky: I’ve added a div id=”ad”/div and loader.js will locate “#ad” and put the tags inside there

Labeots: But, now the problem is that the ads aren’t being loaded with .append nor are they being loaded with .html

Agers: When I put the tags inside do***ent.write with async disabled, it works perfectly fine

Zdanowicz: Anyone have a clue on why they aren’t being loaded with .append/.html but are working perfectly fine with do***ent.write

Sade: PlanC, create a jsfiddle isolating your problem.

Klun: Juro: I might just have found the problem

Fesperman: Going to give it a try and come back with more info

Gala: I think it could be the script/script tags that are causing problems

Lavoy: Going to change it to scr”+”ipt/scr”+”ipt

Draxler: Hi All, I would like some advice on which book to read up on regarding jQuery

Ville: Pickandmix: what would you like to learn?

Duewall: I have some jquery source code that I need to learn how to understand/use

Vandercook: It’s something like a jigsaw puzzle jquery code

Gilvin: Nothing beats the jquery docs which is what the authors use themselves

Courier: So if you want to go really deep into the language and fully understand it then get a book, but otherwise you can just look each function up on the docs

Tautolo: I understand I can kinda use jquery without really learnining it. But I need to implement more features and do some editing. So I really have to understand the code.

Letters: I’m actually trying to understand the code line by line.

Aguiler: That’s like starting at the front of a finnish dictionary and trying to learn the language.

Dyer: Yeah. I know. So I’m actually here to get some direction on how to work on it yeah?

Zeeb: Learn Javascript first. How’s your js?

Carthens: Well Jquery is just js

Sherrell: I’m just not cool with all the $.selector ****

Liford: You can say JQuerysomething if you want

Opitz: Yeah I understand that.

Mcninch: Yes, I know both html and CSS.

Hobart: Then jquery is EASY for you. $.csscl***name selects the elements in that cl***

Perillo: I do understand all these kind of.

Betton: In fact, most of the css selectors work

Habash: It’s when like new “terms” coming in

Yeskey: Http://

Otterbein: As in like this is the first 3 line of the code.