As i say in the comments.

Varnon: Okay. So you are getting something back from the ajax call. what is in .project-info?

Ankenman: Nothing, on the big screen, in responsive mode – I get the content just like I wanted

Lime: Have you looked at the source?

Pinnell: Whirledpress: What source, do you mean inspecting the element?

Araki: Yeah, nothing in the .project-info div?

Hnat: I’m not sure what theme you are using. It sounds like single.php has an error that is preventing it from rendering anything at regular size

Shauger: I’m a WordPress developer, I make my own themes – there’s just an loop in single.php with the_title and the_content inside it

Hassan: So then how is it responsive?

Vinger: I got my index.php that’s the main thing, and then there’s content sliding in which I want fetch the content in to the index from other pages

Avers: But what changes from responsive size to not responsive?

Broccolo: Can you request the exact same content directly without ajax and get it to load in both responsive and non?

Gluck: Whirledpress: Hmmm. Like remove the $.ajaxSetup.?

Stroub: The url that you are grabbing from the href, can you manually type it in and get the page to load at both sizes?

Odette: Because if it’s not loading in your browser, ajax won’t get it.

Sudar: Now I get the error alerty

Kelson: Https://

Mrazek: Remove lines 2 through 13

Lindert: So when you click the link, it loads the pages

Weide: You don’t load a link like that

Ito: I gotta get the ID from the post

Simplot: You need to use the permalink to setup the query and let it choose the template single.php

Schlote: I know, and I am doing it – it works perfect in responsive mode, below 800px

Hardin: Where is “.fetch-link” being generated?

Catoire: A href=”?php echo get_the_permalink; ?” cl***=”fetch-link”

Deiters: Remove all the code in the fiddle and see if the link works normally at both sizes

Greminger: It works, but at the top, I’ve a e.preventDefault can it be that’s the problem?

Shoyer: The whole do***ent that I sent you in the beginning of our conversation

Kukler: Can you please paste your entire html for the page in jsfiddle.

Torress: Https://

Mckusker: Can anyone help me call a function from this plugin, i have pasted all of my client code and link to the un-minified plugin script here:

Mckusker: Many good vibes will come your way if anyone can help me out with this!

Mckusker: I was thinking I could just call the plugin’s open or _open method from within the ready_callback when i initialized the plugin, but its not working out

Mckusker: I’m really just trying to get the plugin to continue steps across multiple pages, and this is a kind of workaround.

Rinaldo: Whirledpress: I’ll be back in a few minutes – I gotta go back to my room and get a charger, I’m down on 5%.

Wethington: Vanbecelaere, You are closing your article tab with the project-info section open plus I think that’s bad semantic use of sections and articles

Segall: Whirledpress: Alright, I’m back

Mckusker: Anyone have any clue on how I can programmatically open up the page guide? I linked to in the pastie?

Mckusker: Could really use the help :

Colclasure: Vanbecelaere,

Sbano: Something like that. I think your html was *****ed up

Plautz: Mckusker, that is hardly all your code.

Mckusker: Its in the do***ent ready

Mckusker: Then i have a ul list

Mckusker: But that doesn’t effect anything

Mckusker: As i say in the comments the page guide loads fine from the default button, and I have successfully bound it to a custom element on the page, that all works fine