Aro: Line 486 script.

Ahsan: Uhkis I should wrap the whole code within resize event?

Vankilsdonk: You kinda need both, resize doesnt happen on normal load afaik

Hjort: So the code should be both in do***ent.ready and window.resize?

Knutzen: At least the parts that need to update those size values

Playl: Can somebody please check this code

Iarussi: Http://

Cabasso: It says during onresize when the browser is less than 640px wide, append ‘small’ to body

Alferez: But it shows many ‘small’ to body

Eaglen: Why does this happen?

Tango: Shakil: resize happens a lot you have to be real careful

Grinvalsky: Decx: you mean other scripts are resizing the window and they are taking affects on my onresize code?

Tango: No i mean your resize code keep repeating the same thing even when it’s not needed

Sabean: Is there any way to fix this?

Tango: Use media queries in css instead

Robbie: When the screen is under 640px and user clicks a button it open up a form with animation

Eastburn: When the screen size is above that

Verissimo: It opens up another form with animation, when a user clicks a button

Tango: I might have come up with something tho

Tango: Shakil: check this out

Tango: I call it, completely pointless js media query

Misiewicz: Might solve my problem

Estala: Hi! Is this right place to ask help with jquery?

Macnab: Hi guys, I am sure you have p***erby’s come in and out of here asking for help! Is there a particular way to request someone to look at something?

Kutt: Nope blitz206, just go ahead and ask the question!

Hickethier: I am having trouble implementing fuzzy timestamps using the timeAgo plugin, they simply don’t seem to be updating

Lansden: I can paste code in JS Fiddle if it helps

Mattos: I am using a few libraries that have this jquery factory stuff at the beginning, like this:

Mattos: But i keep getting that the function is undefined?

Mattos: But when i run it in my console it works

Mattos: I get this on page load: global.js:3970 Uncaught TypeError: $..niceScroll is not a function

Mcaulay: Aro: had similar issue once because of loading jquery twice

Mattos: Is there a way to check to see if jquery loads twice?

Mattos: When i execute the plugin from my console – it works though

Mattos: It appears to only be loading once

Scarbrough: Is the function you using in a ready function

Mattos: However, if i load the script manually after the page is loaded using $.getScript’’;

Noey: Did you try screaming at your monitor yet?

Gubala: Damn that usually works

Mattos: However, when i load it using script tags, it fails

Mattos: And even when i do a script src=””/script it fails

Mattos: Even though i see it loading in the network tab

Guitreau: Is loading after jquery is loaded

Mattos: Jquery loads in the preceeding scripe

Mattos: And it only does it on my dashboard page

Mattos: What do you want me to gist

Mattos: Https://

Mattos: The plugin and call to the plugin are both in global.js

Mattos: Jquery is in the d2go.jq.js

Guarneri: Aro: Line 486 script type=”text/javascript” src=”//”/script . second jquery load