Anyone know of a.

Klish: Because everytiume i clicked on the popup, it closed

Nester: So now i’m using hidden divs inside the page

Delmage: But, if i need to show a popup inside another popup, then i have problems

Crnich: I think that the best way is to prepend a div on the opening popup div giving it a z-index -1 of the popups z-index

Aleo: Then remove it on close

Hoskyns: What happen to real programmers?

Ayers: This is the problem of today. nobody creates new stuff

Troll: They all use frameworks done by others

Sferra: So we have tons of websote all looking the same

Petell: Sal: if customer wants a responsive website which looks like X

Miranda: And, web aint growing with the same speed it used to grow like in back 80s-90s

Karnath: All the IT is growing like ****

Rasor: Oh, yes we are if you think that www still doesn’t have a real oop language

Wasmund: But its still playing around with fck js and all its versions on browsers

Hathway: Java is oop for me :/

Heckaman: PHP nowadays is oop too

Aavang: 15:31 Sal this is the problem of today. nobody creates new stuff

Gentles: I’m talking about a language for html

Aavang: 15:31 Sal they all use frameworks done by others

Aavang: That’s such a stupid statement

Dronen: Yes, for today programmers, it is

Aavang: So why is it a problem?

Arballo: I call today programmers, “copy&paste” generation

Aavang: Usiung a framework is not copy+paste

Goudeau: Nobody starts from html or from function main

Seki: They all start from google

Aavang: If you need something new then write it

Rabinowitz: Sal: right, because the programmers of yesteryear wrote their own compilers using their own language

Millin: Great for job security too

Aavang: Otherwise if someone has already done it why would you reinvent the wheel?

Holderness: Everyone writing their own little microframework

Kapler: I.e., stuff I have to support now

Morgia: Once, you only had th3e copiler

Henter: No internet to copy from

Won: But we don’t live in the stone age anymore

Aavang: 15:37 Jayson but we don’t live in the stone age anymore

Cassella: I know, and thats the bad thing for me

Aavang: Would you say that the problem of today is no one grows their own food?

Mccaffity: That nobody is putting their brain to create new stuff

Gallagos: Sal: what do you mean?

Reddout: And let me say something else

Vorholt: For me, we’tr going back to 80s again

Saborio: What does “creating new stuff” entail?

Beverlin: Thats to mac developers

Aavang: I think to create something new you have to write it in binary Foxhoundz

Kauder: First they mad a tech war introducing the mouse

Dorrance: Now, they all want command line tools

Aavang: Otherwise you’re just using someone else’s compiler

Aavang: Which you just copied from the internet

Saba: Bower, git, node, etc etc

Pruchnik: Sal: these tools make it easier maintain code

Guider: They’re not necessarily crutches

Tonai: Yes, but they all should be mouse friend-ly

Aavang: Sal: command line is just more efficient for a lot of things

Bascle: Aavang: not sure about that

Hernan: I think thats a wrong statement

Liebel: Anyone know of a plugin/library that could help a basic duplication of the Tesla build order form?