Anyone have some idea, if.

Drew: Well then you can save an html copy of the live page and use that when you edit the js i guess

Aughenbaugh: Also btw, php can run as a webserver so you only need the php binary

Santio: I find pretty extra***ant that no ide support having file on a remote server since it what internet dev is about actually

Nacar: Sbs: well there are, but the problem is it adds A LOT of complexity

Mortland: As you have to edit it locally ftp doesn’t support remote edit then upload the change

Sides: And then reload something on a different url to see the effect

Amini: While with a local copy you can just use inotify and auto refresh the browser when you save a file

Sautner: Also node.js is the future muahahaha

Stoen: Bare metal MEAN staxxx

Ganley: I don’t agree with that commend at all.

Aten: Node.js is a hype, not much more then that

Sodawasser: Var CurEpoch = new Date;

Biby: CurEpoch= CurEpoch.getUTCSeconds;

Petrouits: It has way to bad performance to take over as a common webserver

Battis: Is there a reason this does not work? e

Mccampbell: Except for being ugly

Schwulst: CurEpoch should be 16 when you’re done

Schwarze: If that doesn’t work it depends on something outside the lines you pasted

Geppert: Sbs, what environment? I don’t think internet explorer would like that code

Prey: GetUTCSeconds is not the opposite of setUTCSeconds

Tennis: Sbs, neither will rhino

Moerke: Nvm, I’ll have to work the other way around

Rangasammy: No ie supports it just fine

Vallarta: I don’t think it would like the self referencing ***ignment

Avallone: Well I did Curpoch = new Date.getUTCSeconds;

Vojtko: But as it did not work I split to understand

Reos: Curpoch = new Date.getUTCSeconds;

Beddard: The stupid one that if you do a=1,2,;console.loga; it outputs 1,2,3?

Dominguez: You need to wrap the new statement

Flohr: Sparing myself an extra variable declaration. JS allows for uglyniss, ket’s enjoy

Pascoe: Does not work, means for me does not return an epoch, it does not crash

Erben: Actually in what situation does the UTC seconds deffer from the localtime seconds? that’s a pretty useless function

Schiavone: Sbs: as far as i know never

Merring: I suspect it is added for completeness and future security

Scampoli: The spec supports second offset though

Mountcastle: So it can technically happen

Zysett: Yeah mytimezone = UTC+42s

Veltin: I hope noone will ever go there though.

Shurak: 30 min timezone is way enough for my taste.

Schack: Does Date API convert timestamp to localised date?

Castellana: I mean, Jun in English and Haz in Turkish

Testolin: Hosoi:

Weikert: So it is either .data’smt’ or .prop’data-smt’ right

Weikert: What do you mean with “work around the cache”? can you explain?

Ritari: Weikert: .data function “caches” the result, so if it changes it doesn’t know it and returns old information. attr doesn’t have this issues.

Hullihen: Cork – is that right ? plus what do you mean by working around json p****r?

Benthall: Ya, if you use .data you should update it with .data too

Shackelton: What i meant by work around the cache is that if you update with .data the attribute doesn’t get updated

Harbottle: And some ppl want the dom attribute to reflect the data doesn’t work with structured data though

Beddome: Anyone have some idea, if the FB pixel code is possible to make as a lazzy download? Give it a a sense?