Anybody here? I’m just.

Salido: So all event handlers that could be there would be lost

Mayse: But maybe there was something jquery like $’#’.removeText or w/e

Bercier: You would have to grab all the nodes of the parent

Szymkowski: Loop over them and check if it is a text node

Ballowe: Gangler, problem is that the parent folder is generated before the file , so “ok” is already set for the folder :

Gangler: Ah so it’s not like in an array or something that you can change?

Glicken: Cork: alright, gotta try it out

Ballowe: Gangler, it’s a bit complex. My file list is an array . but not a sorted one. I then have a second function that p****s the output and creates the html for the tree.

Gangler: I was ***uming your array would be a nested array similar to the generated tree

Ballowe: Gangler, it’s not nested. I pretty much create one entry pr folder and a list of contained items.

Gangler: So one entry per folder with a list of contained items. what if one of those items is a folder?

Ballowe: Maybe I would be better of making the initial array nested though, and then just set everything there

Ballowe: That will then create another root elements, being that folder and a list of items.

Ballowe: Another root element*

Gangler: How do you then know that it is a sub folder of another folder?

Ballowe: Attribute given to the file/folder, dictating what’s the parent

Ballowe: Gangler, any bright ideas? šŸ˜› I’ve been messing with this sh*t all day :

Gangler: What about this?

Ballowe: Is spandata-filestatus!=”” a valid selector?

Korsmeyer: Can not find !, just $, *, ~,

Ballowe: Https://

Gangler: I was just going to say or the not filter

Ballowe: Gangler, works : But it’s hella slow as I have to loop a couple thousand files šŸ˜›

Ballowe: I’m going to do some array sorting in php and add attributes there I think

Daubney: Ballowe: why are you trying to do this yourself?

Flagg: Ballowe: doesnt suit your usecase?

Galper: Just hoping to pick someones brain. I’m just looking for suggestions of “best practice”. A shove in the right direction would be great. I’m working on a map project with leafletjs. I have all my data setup in 3 different JSON files and when my jquery starts, I call the files once and store them in an array. From there I need to read the catego

Spilman: Ry on one of the arrays and put them in category lists. Each point can belong to multiple categories. What would be the best way to do this?

Ballowe: Uhkis, I was using that previously. I’ll keep hacking some more at it and see if I can make that work properly.

Legler: JQuery”lidata-normalized-text=’span cl***=” + ‘”text”‘ + “Mansion/span'”.attr’data-normalized-text’, ‘span cl***=”+ ‘”text”‘ +”House/span’; missing after argument list?

Sauler: How am i supposed to put the cl*** in the attribute without ” or ‘ ? maybe create the string in a variable?

Gangler: It looks like your appending in your attr set is missmatched quote types

Stepnowski: It should be data-normalized-text=”span cl***=”text”House/span”, that’s how it shows in the Elements tab

Gangler: Right but your trying to concat strings there

Gangler: So it’s either ”+” or “”+”” or the like

Crease: Isn’t “” closing the string

Gangler: No cause you started with ‘

Mathieu: Line 4 on this block of code behaving strange, sometimes runs, other times I get “Uncaught TypeError: is not a function”

Tango: The is select doing there

Laliotis: Anybody here? I’m just learning and trying to hide a div based on a button click, but it’s not wokring for me. Where am I going wrong? Thanks –