Any folks using travis here.

Hahm: Is there a jQuery way to find all the elements in a table with a certain cl*** that preced the current one

Raczynski: If I select x, I need to find table cells with a y in them

Stoutenburg: Is it possible to write like this? $do***ent, ‘.fa-times’.on’click’, functione {.

Garg: Davetarmac: if you check the rating list is reverted

Jaquet: Davetarmac: dir=”rtl” is to make it go from 1-5 not 5-1

Lapping: It is to be able to get the styling correct

Kircher: Davetarmac: you could use +

Carrigg: Cork: I’m trying to find a jquery solution so I don’t have to knacker the markup too much

Garuti: Davetarmac: could you elaborate on what you mean by cl*** that precedes?

Gushard: You mean a cl*** that exists on an element that precedes or a cl*** that exist before it in the cl*** string?

Prabhakaran: Cork: what I’m trying to achieve is that if I hover over the third star – which is a span – I need to look up the DOM tree, then down in to each previous td and add a cl*** to the spans therein

Hartless: Davetarmac: no there isn’t a clean way to do that

Wildt: Ah wait sorry i read wrong

Southand: The simplest solution i would recommand doing is just set a cl*** on the td

Klukas: And then you just do td.mark span

Bazer: So when I hover over the span, add cl***es to the parent and previous td?

Baddour: Then all you have to do is $this.closest’td’.prevAll.addCl***’mark’

Gorlich: To add it to the td your in too

Anos: It becomes as clean as you can hope to make it

Barger: That’s working now, just need to look at doing the same thing when the radio is checked now

Matherly: Davetarmac: that is even simpler

Feneis: Davetarmac: also don’t forget you need .removeCl*** to remove if from the tds you don’t want it on anymore

Granlund: Already taken care of that Cork ;

Siderine: Thanks for the help so far, Cork

Areas: Hi. Im trying to do a ajax post with a added authorization token to a page that will login the user. It’s on a subdomain. But when it completes the login it will redirect me with a 303 This is the GET right? Is there any solution on this?. I would like to take the result as html and place it in a div.

Areas: I think i added every possible CORS header to my nginx

Klus: Got disconnected there. :s

Schmelzer: Hi guys. How can I p*** an html-object with “new Function”?

Cubias: I can only p*** strings within new Function, but not HTML-objects

Helberg: That rating thing a bit more indepth that I have time for at the moment :

Ushijima: Which is a shame really.

Morden: When I do some jqeury stuff and get back some OK from my post and my page is just shown as before the post, how should I change the page ? with some get or so ?

Caddick: How can i add a new element on the array selector results?

Pumphrey: I am doing something like $ ..get .push .join and it fails

Bemer: And it returns the new array

Spinella: Got so far but had to put that issue down as spent too long on it :

Cleverley: Hello guys, is there something like on shown?

Breidenbach: You mean an event when the element is changed from hide to show?

Biglin: Can I make sure that firefox/bug doesn’t clean my net actions when it refreshes a page ?

Throneberry: Milloway: what firefox bug?

Mattila: Click the cog in the top right corner of the network console

Mattila: And there is an option to enable persistent logs

Gfeller: I still don’t know of any bug there

Mattila: I think he was just short handing it

Mattila: Debug, firebug, developer tools, whatever

Gaff: Any folks using travis here?