And it’s still inside a.

Sulzer: So h3 will have the id, type, exp_month and exp_year

Szychowski: So do you not know how to make elements with jquery?

Goldberger: Dont go down that route

Szychowski: Yeah, use a templating engine instead if you can/.

Szychowski: You can do this with jquery but it’s pretty gross.

Kimberlin: Will the template generate the html structure for each of the records in the json decx

Szychowski: That’s what a templating engine dooes.

Szychowski: You feed it a format and your data and it spits out HTML.

Munshi: Szychowski, {“id”:”card_187wcdHV08ug7″,”type”:”Visa”,”cardno”:”**** 4242″,”exp_month”:6,”exp_year”:2019, “fee”: 0.50},{“id”:”card_189KaFH”,”type”:”MasterCard”,”cardno”:”**** 4444″,”exp_month”:5,”exp_year”:2017, “fee”: 0.50};

Goldberger: Https:// here’s the most simple template system you’ll find. but it gives you an idea

Szychowski: I looked at the fiddle, dude.

Voisard: That is what i get back from the jquery ajax

Dipiano: So i need to structure it and style it into the htm

Szychowski: We know exactly what you need to do.

Szychowski: We’re offering solutions.

Goldberger: Eddy: check the fiddle

Szychowski: I don’t know how else to phrase this.

Kleese: Decx,

Goldberger: So add your div to the template

Bedonie: When you click on it it should expand those show

Szychowski: Eddy right, he’d not doing it for you.

Szychowski: He’s given you an example. build upon it :

Goldberger: And this template function is just an example too

Goldberger: It’s pretty damn cool and short, but any mature template system will be better

Bhalla: Decx, you have a recommandation?

Goldberger: I like handlebars with jquery

Deblauw: Your example is good but i dont like it because it has “script”

Goldberger: Doesnt matter where you get the template html string from

Szychowski: If you already have underscore in your project you could use that, too.

Szychowski: Aaand it’s quiet again

Grewal: Doesnt work for me decx

Szychowski: Show us what you tried.

Goldberger: You dont declare a function in another function

Szychowski: Also, you’re initializing the accordionbefore you append the elements.

Goldberger: Dont just copy and paste

Corrieri: Uncaught TypeError: is not a function

Szychowski: You’re changing things on us.

Goldberger: Doesnt make sense what you do here

Goldberger: You can create a templaet string like that

Goldberger: But not with accordion and not with the id

Ildefonso: Data is a jquery ajax to a php server which then feed back a json

Walts: Which is shown in the original jsfiddle

Angolo: That template thing wouldnt work

Szychowski: Way fractured : update with whatever is relevant.

Roedel: They should ne another way

Szychowski: You just aren’t using correctly.

Szychowski: There’s no data var there fwiw.

Szychowski: I think you meant to p*** “d”

Lingo: Szychowski, line 3

Goldberger: You still init the accordion before it has content

Goldberger: And you still use the function i told you not to use

Szychowski: Audrey then d isn’t what you think it is.

Goldberger: And it’s still inside a function