And it is working, but I.

Firestine: Wanna search down the html

Szychowski: You’re confusing “direction” vs “hierarchy”

Szychowski: In your case, you don’t want to search “down” – that would imply you’re searching for a child of the current element.

Szychowski: You want a sibling of the current element.

Stukenborg: You could use nextAll

Ozimek: But ya, that will only search siblings

Szychowski: Something tells me he has a bunch of a cl***=”trigger”/a div cl***=”grab_container”/div on the page without a parent wrapping each pair.

Dahlke: Szychowski: well actually i do

Szychowski: In that case, you could .closest to that shared parent and then .find the element you want.

Batchelor: Will give you the first occurance after the target

Escorcia: Cork: wont that grab everything though?

Mash: Alternatively you could use .next but that will break if you ever put anything inbetween ex. a br

Szychowski: I’d use the .closest .find setup i described.

Delcarlo: The .first filter to the first one

Goldberger: How many are there, might be better off having two collections and using the index of the anchor to get the right grab_container

Spizer: Szychowski: except that will lost the relation to the target

Szychowski: He said that he DOES have a shared containing element.

Pomiecko: Not sure how you all feel about plugins, but there’s a jQuery plugin called nextInDOM that provides exactly what you want

Goldberger: Szychowski: it’s superfast and 0 lookups on really big sets

Pomiecko: Shared container or not

Pomiecko: Https://

Jaurigue: Fiord: what are the difference to .nextAll?

Szychowski: Just seems awfully silly to me to go through all that when you could use what i suggested and not care about the markup at all.

Szychowski: Except for that shared parent shrug

Moberly: You mean it searches excluding hierarchy?

Walthers: Can you p*** to .load; a $do***ent.ready event?

Ruegsegger: Or do you have to put the $do***ent.ready inside the file you’re .loading?

Szychowski: You mean trigger do***ent ready?

Oishi: I mean, I want to organize my code

Szychowski: No to the first, don’t to the second.

Kreidler: JavaLover: you can’t use read for ajax calls

Szychowski: Abstract out your code into a function you call instead.

Mcfalls: And I have a google map that requires loading for a displayed google map

Machuca: But the display relies on this page loading

Grinie: Or the id of the element gets loaded in that page

Pippert: JavaLover: you would have to use the callback for when the .load is complete

Szychowski: Right, abstract out into a function and call the function when you need to run things instead of doing it in a do***ent ready.

Righi: So it’s a bit disorganized that I have inside my do***ent.ready a call to google maps

Noseff: When that page has really nothing to do with google maps aside from that.

Forss: Cork will that mean .ready has gone off?

Goldberger: Gmaps uses window load or a specified callback

Ewan: Like i said, there is no ready for ajax calls

Hoefle: JavaLover: ready only works on initial page load

Langehennig: I know decx but asigning it before loading this page causes the bug

Szychowski: JavaLover do***ent ready is not apart of the solution you want.

Defaria: Not when you inject code into the page

Goldberger: That’s why you do it on load

Quan: Decx precisely what I am doing

Mlodzianowski: And it is working, but I want to organize where I do it