And if you really need.

Takenaka: The ajax thing your doing doesn’t change taht part.

Takenaka: Unless you’re trying to submit back to your server.

Takenaka: In which case, you need to use ajax to submit to the proper location.

Takenaka: And make sure that particular endpoint is opened up for CORS.

Takenaka: The other site doesn’t need php.

Nieman: Takenaka: it will still not work

Lefrancois: See the new code at

Pugeda: I have just copied the source code of

Takenaka: So what’s broken now?

Rouillier: The form is not working mate

Takenaka: The submit is working.

Takenaka: Where’s the relevant javascript?

Seiple: Submit is not working

Takenaka: My network tab says differently :

Harbach: Is it giving you response on successfull submit ?

Takenaka: Where’s the javascript that handles the ajax?

Tornow: Http://

Takenaka: Where in there is it?

Altobell: Its included, you can see the sourcecode

Takenaka: Success: $.wpcf7AjaxSuccess, ?

Takenaka: I’m not going to read hundreds of lines of code, duder :

Takenaka: Throw me a bone here.

Widhalm: Can’t you just search for your text using Control + F ?

Rizzardo: Btw wait I will tell you line number

Takenaka: What am i searching for?

Takenaka: I have no idea how any of this code is wired up.

Takenaka: Is that the success handler?

Battiest: It is on line no 27 and 79,,

Zadroga: Guys, i have an Object { json_list: Array19 } i need to create two grids with it, i need to “filter” using an datafield named “location” all my object have just two locations, understand my question?

Wojtczak: Takenaka: have you gave up ?

Takenaka: I’m doing free work for you buddy.

Takenaka: Be a little patient ;

Takenaka: So the init isn’t working correctly.

Takenaka: The success handler isn’t bound at all.

Torred: I was not impatient, I was just curious

Takenaka: Console.log$’div.wpcf7 form’.length – try running this before you do $’div.wpcf7 form’.wpcf7InitForm;

Takenaka: You’re getting an error.

Takenaka: DataType: ‘json’, is wrong.

Takenaka: Textarea{“mailSent”:false,”into”:”#wpcf7-f4-p5-o1″,”captcha”:null,”message”:”One or more fields have an error. Please check and try again.”,”invalids”:{“into”:”span.wpcf7-form-control-wrap.your-email”,”message”:”The e-mail address entered is invalid.”,”idref”:null}}/textarea

Takenaka: This isn’t a valid response.

Takenaka: You need to fix whatever is generating the response.

Takenaka: Shouldn’t have textareas around it.

Bonomi: Its a very well known plugin for wordpress

Takenaka: I’m telling you what’s causing the error :

Hechmer: I am not sure where and how you’re getting that error

Monforte: Btw i am really new to JavaScript Ajax and all

Takenaka: If you look at the ajax config, it says it’s expecting json.

Takenaka: But the response is wrapped in textarea tags.

Takenaka: Which is breaking it.

Takenaka: So you’re getting an error.

Takenaka: My guess is that using the formbuilder thing is causing you headaches when trying to use it on different sites. why do you want to generate via php?

Takenaka: And if you really need this, just use an iframe or something.