And have the door that.

Goldberger: Can you prerender every condition

Goldberger: And then based on what the user chooses create a hash or whatever from that door config and just get the right image

Goldberger: Not very interactive but something you could do with a couple of selects

Rauser: Well not sure if it would be 100h actually

Goldberger: Not with that prerender approach

Koster: You could do it fairly fast with a canvas and bitblt

Goldberger: But for a real builder app

Hartung: Same to:

Malinky: That one isnt dynamic images though

Hartung: I am thinked on all compination possibles and make 1 image per combination, calculating, i need so so 5,000 images :

Romera: Hartung: actually, you could do much of it with svg

Clewes: Depending on how dynamic the position of the windows are support to be

Malinky: Also your images are not showing up because they are not linking to the image, just their location

Hartung: Its a good: door builder:

Hartung: Mayrant you tested the fiddle:

Hartung: If you test this: and/or you see an image right?

Goldberger: It’s an image on a page

Malinky: Try

Malinky: For the image on that page

Fedak: Anyone know how to make the jquery tabs content area automatically expand based on the info in it?

Gavagan: Hartung: you could actually make that builder without js :

Hartung: Now test:

Hartung: Cork please can you explain me a little more?

Malinky: That certainly is a door. nice job.

Schoenthal: Css hover and input type=”radio” could do all of that

Hartung: Mayrant yes, with a gl*** :

Hartung: Now how to paste this:

Vock: Hartung: but ya, i would build that around radio buttons and a form

Frewing: Then you have the data when they’re done and you just have to submit it

Malinky: Hartung are you wanting to just build this singular image for fun or are you aiming to dynamically build a door based on user input like those examples?

Hartung: Mayrant based on user input

Hartung: But i undestadndo it manually for start coding

Hartung: My final task is: have 10 dorsdiferent types, 10 lock doors, 10 gl***es. and paly with it, the final issusue is paint the door.

Goldsworthy: Hartung: ya, paint is where things will get hairy

Inclan: Hartung: you can’t really solve that with css

Malinky: Yea those sites he linked just use images with different colors I believe

Goldberger: Yep nothing fancy over there

Goldberger: Justa form and images

Hegstad: Canvas or svg is needed there not hard though

Goldberger: My 100h estimate included movable windows and ****

Rodine: Ya, that is how you had to do it a few years ago

Malinky: Wouldnt it be easier to make the images modular?

Benway: Hmm actually css mask could solve it

Vix: Not sure if that is cross browser yet though

Hartung: Then decx, if i have 10 diferent doors with 8 different colors, then i need have 80 diferent doors?

Home: Instead of having transparent areas in the door for the windows you could mask the window area on the background image

Goldberger: Or just have a window image that’s actually in the shape of the window

Hamil: And have the door that should be colored be transparent instead