Also, i still don’t have.

Foxwell: I tried disconnecting my network while app does a poll on the api but when i turn it back on, i still could not recreate the issue

Hackathorn: How do you call an object when i do it like this i get this error: TypeError: uploader.file is undefined

Nipple: If I need to scope down to a certain div, how would I do that like this $’.settings div div div-child2′

Raught: Yeah but the last one would be div:nth-child2

Line: That’s what I needed to know :

Saelens: I didn’t know how to select the 2nd div, instead of the first

Dildy: Keep your selectors tight tho

Dildy: Who’s gonna want to maintain that

Shin: Decx, perhaps I’ll just add a cl*** to make it be done with

Blackmer: If I want to toggle a cl***name on two elements, one of them can be $this is there a way to put them both in one selector and separate w/comma?

Buttler: That doesn’t want to work

Dildy: That’s for context and would translate to $’element’.findthis

Dildy: Use .add’selector’ to add another element to a collection

Loughran: Perfect. I thought there had to be a better way than writing a whole new line of essentially the same code.

Mccleery: Err this odd. my jquery response works fine on a post when something wrong, I get my lightbox, but when it’s OK, I get a lightbox with a p**** error and I wonder why it’s triggered

Nager: Do I need some respone anyway ?

Bohne: How can I to get the clic pagination event on jtable jquery?

Salmans: How can I make a generic selector if my backend returns an array with cal_man_cells = 7,9 representing full days ? I need to fill in the full days with blue

Kirbie: Https://

Sugiyama: Sooo what am i selectinghere?

Annal: Something like $’td’.text = 7

Weathersby: You want the text of each td?

Raza: The day cells for 7 and 9

Lavongsar: Or every TD whose text contains 7

Stupak: Use .filter for that.

Mcquesten: And write a filter that searches for 7 or 9

Ovdenk: Yeah, check if .text.indexOf’7′ -1, etc.

Moccio: Or becoming one actually

Windes: Should I for or $.each through my cal_man_cells ?

Pouge: Https://

Currens: Oh I thought you had to supply a callback to .filter

Varnadoe: So I was going to each and if to find the tds

Escalon: Yeah that returned 7 9 and 27 I don’t think indexOf will work

Russwurm: I did supply a callback to filter.

Mccloude: That’s what the function is.

Smiglewski: And you should get the idea from here.

Shouse: Can someone tell me what the heck am i doing wrong here :

Mcisaac: If you click open, it says that it doesn’t find openpANEL

Mcneary: Because your js hasn’t run yet.

Cuellar: Http://

Coplon: Http://

Buenger: Don’t use jquery edge if you can avoid it./

Russello: Why? what is edge for?

Teaque: I thought it was the last version

Nelton: Bleeding edge. may or may not work.

Kishaba: Latest may or may not be verified to properly function :

Bazzle: I usually use other playgounds because jsfiddle editors sometimes get crazy

Udley: I usually edit in Sublime Text and copy to jsfiddle.

Welburn: I would loive to use sublime text

Frye: But i couldn’t find someone or a doc tell me what plugins to use for web dev + php + xdebug

Klecker: Http://

Coppola: Also, i still don’t have clear how to execute a webpage on my localhost