Actionurl seems.

Klawuhn: Arrays have numeric keys, objects typically don’t.

Milnik: If propname is the attributes within the object wouldn’t line 10 always be true?

Ciubal: And for in loops can go up the prototype chain.

Alberry: Which is generally not what you want.

Escarrega: Http:// — why is this not showing me any results back? please select ‘child character’ from ‘kategorisi’ dropdown and hit the button

Yeadon: Not appending anything rather

Hougham: Robertmaxrees so hypothetically if i had an object with mutiple functions and functions within functions are you saying the For in will loop through everything even those nested? i know I have to still study some so this will be my last question lol

Acero: It’s the inheritance model of javascript.

Veazey: Is there a way I can pause javascript and execute each function one by one until I find the function that is running for a given element?

Stoffa: So the step over functions in the debugger should work for this?

Gossi: I see the pause and thats ok

Novickis: Right it didnt seem to work

Spiegelman: What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

Bruechert: Some javascript is removing elements from a select box and im trying to figure out what is doing that

Cregeen: How many scripts on the page?

Ghormley: A fair few, its a wordpress site with a load of plugins

Minteer: I might start disabling plugins to start with.

Huner: You can also set dom breakpoints in some browser, but that might not be helpful here.

Delaet: Yeh, i was looking for a quicker way than that

Belfast: Is it possible to slide page like jquery mobile does, without jq mobile

Kempson: It’s just javascript soooo.

Mcinroy: What do I need to read?

Wygand: Could always read through the jqm source.

Osaile: If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe

Firestone: You could abstract out the relevant bits.

Eastburn: Need a little help running the jquery source tests

Brandstrom: I tried running them in Firefox, file:///.jquery/test/index.html

Dornbos: But the AJAX tests don’t run — they need a PHP environment

Wendell: How do I run these properly? I’m on Ubuntu

Nitz: Sorry for the n00b question

Fechtner: There’s a full setup –

Blatherwick: This worked for the master branch of the source

Bergerson: It doesn’t work for branch 2.1-stable — fails “Task ‘jshint:all’ failed”

Bachelder: But I think the master branch will do for what I have in mind

Leona: What’re you trying to do?

Obando: Really, look at the unit tests to see how Deferred works

Preus: Like, how to use them?

Kaufman: Yes, and how to test them

Diebol: Well, I think I get them, but not sure on the testing of them. Hoping the jquery source tests will help

Dejulio: Rcyr, any idea why I would be getting a 302 redirect every time I try and post?

Kupfer: AFAIK, XML just follows redirects

Kupfer: Sorry for having written XML

Tabarez: Rcyr, why would it be redirecting?

Perlas: Https:// is the response

Kupfer: I have no idea, redirects are done server-side

Hoopii: Rcyr, I have no idea why that would generate a 302

Kupfer: Where do you specify the URL?

Evanosky: Rcyr

Kupfer: Actionurl seems unused