Zipper: you also meant /ul.

Griffee: Which closes my website after a few seconds. weeeee. it just doesn’t work on the IOS safari browser :

Tenamore: Can you help me out why that is ?

Bugett: Probably beacuse safari doesn’t support it i’d imagine

Rumpf: Hum, since when does a script tag inside an element can access a non-closed element ?

Maduro: P3nnyw1se:

Duncklee: I retract on my comment for the line 62

Ulicki: I have a script that writes an img tag with do***ent.write after that a script runs another one that tries to do do***ent.getElementById

Worrel: Is it possible that because of do***ent.write the DOM does not know about the img until it gets updated “”later”?

Fister: Is there a way i can ****yze what is going on while the page is constructing? Spectate the process?

Titcomb: I suppose the Page is not ready yet but the script already writes into it and since the page is not finished loading the DOM doesn’t know about the img and that’s why i can’t get it

Buzzi: Do***ent.write is generally something you’d want to avoid

Derrington: So what do i do? Is not using do***ent.write

Woodert: Okay, i thought that too

Buzzi: It should work if you simply create the element using createElement, you could even just store it in a variable so it’s unnecessary to get it by id later

Amaral: But it’s a script by an external company, so i guess i wille rewrite it

Crooke: Yeah, i will do that i guess,

Buzzi: I’ve only ran into one scenario where do***ent.write is necessary: When generating dynamic iframes and you want to force the frame into standards mode

Buzzi: In that case, using frame.contentDo***ent.write’!DOCTYPE htmlhtml.’ is the only way to do it

Buzzi: But other than this, I’ve never seen a situation where you absolutely would need to use it :

Buzzi: As an interesting exercise, there are ways to create doctype nodes, but building it using some method like that won’t force the frame into standards mode

Klave: Im trying to use some js in my Caligari application. frontend tooling is a little confusing. i see lines like require ‘react’ in js, how do i bundle all of these dependent js files? does the browser understand require?

Wariner: What is the prefered way to define a global scope variable within a browser within a function scope?

Petry: Nirakara: have a look at browserify/webpack, thats the tools to support require in browser

Ervine: Var do***ent.MyVar = . or just do***ent.MyVar = . or MyVar = .

Buzzi: Nirakara: most likely code that says var x = require’whatever’; would be compiled using browserify or webpack which are both becoming more and more common these days

Buzzi: Nirakara: it’s not necessary to use those tools if you don’t want to use them, but they can make certain things easier such as reusing existing code available on npm and writing modular code

Montesano: Hey everyone, my test site is causing chrome to show the unresponsive script dialog, is there anyway I can see what is causing this?

Leimbach: Thanks Gaumont , zomg

Ichinotsubo: I have the following javascript code that I want to use to add a new element to an unordered list everytime the websocket gets a message.

Wadkins: However instead of appending to the current list

Sos: It seems to replace it

Aschbacher: Square1: set some breakpoints. look for suspicious for or while loops

Ivancic: Here is my code

Demateo: The problem is appending new list elements to an unordered list

Dillehay: Aschbacher: I don’t see any code / network activity in chrome dev tools

Militano: The page does partially load

Splatt: –

Aschbacher: Zipper: you also meant /ul not another ul