Zarilla hehehehe, thats a.

Vidra: Looks like we’ll be stuck adding polyfills and support for IE11 for years to come 😛

Zarilla: Babel is great though

Nagele: I remember Belfiore saying on a conference “Cortana will be your new family member”.is was really creepy

Meneus: I’m resigned to using babel or something like it forever

Pam: Meneus: i don’t remember anyone using siri or whatever google has past the “oh cool it does this” phase anyway ;

Meneus: Because by the time ES6 is widely adopted I’ll be all about ES7

Zarilla: Voice commands are amazing in the car

Meneus: J201: I still use Google Now for a few specific things.

Zarilla: Other than that, who gives a ****

Zarilla: Other than for disabled people or really slow typers

Theo: Zarilla: well, if windows 8 proved anything, it’s that MS doesn’t think desktops exist anymore

Meneus: I have Google Now on “always listen” mode when my phone is plugged in, so if I’m in bed and I forgot to set an alarm I can be like “ok google, set an alarm for X”

Meneus: On a computer it’s mostly nice to quickly open apps and do searches

Zarilla: I use an oldschool alarmclock. and I have it stack way high up on a shelf so I have to get up and do some stretching to turn it off

Meneus: I actually do as well but I haven’t unpacked it yet after moving

Meneus: And sometimes I still use my phone for a backup alarm

Zarilla: I can’t I’ve developed too strong a habit of snoozing it

Kraebel: Personally I find all these tech that always listen on your device microphone really a bad thing

Meneus: My alarm clock is awesome, it’s from the 80s, red digital LED display, fake wood paneling and all

Meneus: Hannibal_Smith: in theory, I agree. In practice I’m ok with it so long as I know when it’s doing it

Meneus: I’m less concerned about my tech recording everything I say as the fact that the voice commmand stuff means integrating it more into your life, and the more you use connected tech like that, the more complete a behavior profile you’re building

Gearing: Hannibal_Smith: yeah basically this:

Meneus: Dash: aaaand there goes the rest of my day

Brockus: The part that bothers me more is the devices constantly sending your audio to the cloud

Avello: I understand why they do it, but it’s still a privacy breach waiting to happen

Nidiffer: Hey y’ll cute people! 😀

Hillie: Hello, I have a question regarding scripting in Google Script, would I obtain ***istance in this chat?

Meneus: I don’t think they are

Nidiffer: Zarilla hey how are you doing? should be doing well since you weren’t around for some time already lol, must be partying or something 😛

Meneus: Or rather, I think a lot of them have an offline, reduced copy of the language database, enough of one that it can at least recognize its activation phrase

Spanner: How can I traverse the entire dom, count how many of a certain cl*** are there, and get that total?

Meneus: Otherwise the response time would be a lot slower

Armbrister: Dunno about cortana, but siri sends audio back to apple concurrently with local processing

Zarilla: I started school again 😀 I don’t drink or smoke or socialize well, but I’ve been. ice skating a lot!

Gearing: Claytonzaugg: xpath probably the easy way

Meneus: Once you Ansari it, sure

Seeney: Dash, thanks, I’ll check out xpath

Taschner: I want to jump from one function to another, but with a execution break in between, is this possible?

Dallaire: Yeah, ‘constantly’ was a bad word, i meant ‘they always do for commands regardless of content’

Nidiffer: Zarilla hehehehe, thats a pretty solid trade off for going back to school, sounds fair to me haha 😀 I havent seen you around for a while lol :