Z1haze: check your console.

Mimnaugh: Hi guys, i’m trying to use the geocoding api from google maps, but i’m getting ‘Geocoder failed due to: ZERO_RESULTS app.js:69’

Demary: This is my code http://pastebin.com/c4jnKxhh

Fechtig: Javascript is best script

Didriksen: YokoBR: https://developers.google.com/maps/do***entation/geocoding/intro

Piazza: YokoBR: ZERO_RESULTS may be returned if latlng p***ed in is in a remote location

Spillers: Check it’s not 0, 0 or something

Darco: Nevermind, done it 😀

Escobedo: Hey guys, companies like facebook use git right?

Dabato: Git != github, if you’re still talking about your paranoid partner

Wernert: Also if you’re going to use gitlab, yes, using git is part of the point

Wunderlich: So my question is, do live servers usually have git installed?

Dimopoulos: Like, when a visitor hits a server, is it dangerous to have git installed on that server

Hurndon: That would not be dangerous

Butters: If a visitor can get access to your server’s command line, git is the least of your concerns

Trucchi: Afroradiohead: typically, if you’ve just got git on a server, you’ll only access it via SSH. You can take further precautions by restricting any git users you need to add so they’re using git-shell, which can only do git stuff and no actual shell commands

Honan: Plenty of people use git for deployment

Cousin: There’s a number of sites with their .git directories accidentally open to the public

Bytheway: That’s not gits fault

Trucchi: Which shouldn’t be a big deal unless they’ve also got sensitive stuff checked into git or the site code is meant to be private

Hugh: But it’s something to be aware of, especially if you use git for deployment

Trucchi: Though I’m sure if you trawled github you’d find all sorts of accidental p***words and private keys

Trucchi: Has nobody really ported google diff-patch-match to npm?

Busard: So why isn’t my get method not working in this: http://jsfiddle.net/gyks4y7v/ or anything dealing with the hashed values

Trucchi: They’ve already implemented it in javascript and everything

Trucchi: Brim: you’re p***ing “type” in as a stream and then trying to access a nonexistent property on it

Trucchi: Instead of type.cost, you’d want to do change the arg to typeName and do employeetypeName.cost, etc

Hebrard: Dekok: do you know angular js?

Hnyda: Django_: fortunately no.

Sturino: What does the “” operator mean? Like here : function incx,y{ y = y 1; return x+y; }

Snowdy: And that extends out to my getter/setters too, right, Trucchi?

Allman: Sturino: logical disjunction of sorts. a b will return a if a is truthy, else it’ll return b.

Wakley: Sturino: The ‘falsy’ values in JavaScript are undefined, null, 0, -0, NaN, ”, and false. The ‘truthy’ values are all other values. All objects are truthy. There is nothing both truthy and falsy, or neither truthy nor falsy.

Sturino: Hummm. got it. Thanks Sorella

Trucchi: Brim: yes. js doesn’t know how to ***ociate a string with an object, you have to tell it ;-

Trucchi: Good job pre-caching your DOM selectors though, most people don’t do that

Vanwhy: Oh god, I can’t imagine trying to do things without doing that

Sininger: For some reason Im unable to stop a form from submitting the default way

Demel: What am i donig wrong? http://jsfiddle.net/ay944che/1/

Trucchi: Brim: it’s both easier to keep things straight AND more performant

Delguidice: Why wont my form submit via ajax rather than a normal page request?

Trucchi: Z1haze: it’s successfully preventing default in the fiddle

Trucchi: At least, it is for me

Scaglione: Http://dev.hendricksweb.com/sqli-example/login.php

Trucchi: Z1haze: check your console on your site. you’ve got a syntax error