You want to breakpoint.

Romie: You guys, what are your choices other than postgres/mysql/mongodb?

Hebenstreit: I have only used sqlite xD Im noob

Poquette: Sqlite is somewhat nice if it fits your needs

Daniels: Redis is kind of different since its not really about persistence i think

Roszales: Redis competitor is memcached

Strom: At work we use mongo and postgres and haven’t had issues. people have told me to be worried about mongo though.

Mascari: Yeah, that’s true tcsc_ We had nightmare with our mongo

Stieb: I don’t know all the details

Claybourne: Yeah, i’m not on the server team and i’ve mentioned to them that mongo has a bad reputation, but i think that’s all i can really do.

Hebenstreit: Do you guys know of there is a database section there maybe it helps

Wiszynski: I’m trying to do this hack challenge thingy. Can anyone give me a hint? They want me to decode the username and p***word for this login. They used cyptoJS and in the source they give the key, iv and the hash

Hazley: I can’t find a good resources on how to decode with iv though

Bajwa: Either way i’m not a huge fan of sql decades of research into relational databases and yet we stll program them with a weird programming language from the 1970s, but postgres seems reasonable

Riveria: Http://

Lepage: I’m guessing that should be enough to decode given the hash, iv and the key

Beukelman: Are you doing crypto on the client?

Wartman: Because, uh, that won’t really work

Degasparre: Even given that information I posted above?

Gala: It’s a “hack” challege. They want you to be able to crack it

Kartye: That’s reasonable then.

Raisin: I just don’t understand how iv thing works

Kerkel: Its hard to say what you need to do without more context. fwiw you should be able to use the debugger to byp*** all the crypto code there.

Pesick: Can anyone tell me why this won’t work

Norland: You can just byp*** all that code and post?

Consigli: When u i use this youtube url

Celius: Raptors: if you put a breakpoint on line 16, and set t = true in the console

Myott: I can’t belive this would actually work.

Reardon: No that definitely works.

Heick: In chrome you can usually just delete the whole chunk between 8 and 16 and then ctrl+s to live reload the changes.

Niswander: Sometimes thats wonky though. modifying it in the console when you’re stopped at a breakpoint always works

Spagnuolo: Fwiw i suspect this isn’t what they want you to do

Marchio: Its kind of cheating the hacking challenge.

Porteous: But it’d be funny if it works

Bellessa: Tcsc_, well the issue is that if I put a breakpoint it doesn’t actually post

Howie: So I’d have to delete those lines somehow

Romag: Click the submit so it stops at the breakpoint

Goodpastor: Click the arrow to continue past the breakpoint

Vermilyea: It will work if you do it right.

Storniolo: I do this frequently to my owncode.

Lahaye: Maybe not frequently, but not really all that rarely.

Manda: I have an ***ert function that has a debugger; line if it’s condition isn’t met, and sometimes i just fake it so that the condition will be true just to get past that point in execution to see if theres anything else that will fail

Bigaud: Tcsc_, if I click the arrow it just runs the next which checks the p***word

Medieros: Even if I click stepover

Trizarry: Did you change the value?

Hubler: You want to breakpoint after the p***word check