You keep a grid as a.

Barfoot: You could also use a quad tree, but honestly quad trees are about LoD, and since you won’t have this i think it would be a straight loss

Washnock: I use python, so there’s a module for that: math

Stuchlik: Tcsc: oh ok, so you’d split the canvas into a grid and only check the objects that are in grid x,y

Mollica: Permutations, specifically

Pyland: Baxx: that’s the basic idea

Hashem: Module? i dont know about that. RedAero i would like to make my own module. seriously.

Kautzer: I probably have some code that i can show you that gives you the basic idea.

Cleary: Sorry, I mean itertools

Stuchlik: Tcsc: never thought of that : just googled grid spatial detection

Hashem: Whatever i don’t know python.

Marner: Https://

Iezzi: Django_: because /s+/ is greedy but ‘ ‘ will split on every space

Swinson: It’s so stupidly easy it’s unbelievable that other languages aren’t

Hashem: I am not interested in that, as of now . i want to make my own. that’s that.

Stuchlik: Tcsc: before I jump into this – how beginner friendly is this ish ?

Iezzi: Django_: and /s+/ will also split on whitespace that is not ‘ ‘, eg. a tab or newline

Botterbusch: Is momentjs only used for displaying dates?

Fantini: You can probably manage it if you can do the rest of this stuff i’d guess.

Silver: I’m not sure if it can display time in serial format

Mayberry: I’d stay away from the trees though

Stuchlik: Tcsc: cool, I’ll give it an hour then, just found this

Kees: Yeah, this is part of broad phase

Pexsa: Zumba_ad_, moment.js is date and time.

Rollings: Skimming over it this looks sane.

Wakley: Smgs: ReferenceError: time is not defined

Aver: It’s actually very inefficient for space.

Stuchlik: Ha, I might just try splitting the canvas into a grid for starters or something idk

Wakley: Zumba_ad_: number 1441982908169

Bracco: Folks, what is that format called?

Virant: Is it called serial format?

Seiersen: The article would probably give you the basic idea but you don’t want to do On memory allocations for collision detection.

Montis: I just want to make sure i name my variable nicely

Stuchlik: Tcsc: I’m going to make a grid, then I’m not sure – i might try restricting particles to certain parts of the grid or something idk.

Pexsa: Zumba_ad_, Is that millis since 1970?

Bowerize: Baxx: i’ll see if i can find some code to show you

Stuchlik: Tcsc: thanks, anything tooooo fancy will be wasted on me though ;

Roofe: Zumba_ad_ often referred to as a unix timestamp this one including milliseconds

Balkin: Can the javascript from a chrome extension override a handler that’s given to an element from the normal page? For example can i overwrite google’s autosuggestion for the search bar with my chrome extension?

Siracusa: So that it doesn’t autosuggest

Pexsa: Workisfun, If you could get a reference to the handler, you could remove it, but that’s not going to be easy to do.

Pexsa: Workisfun, You could disable all handlers, but then it might not search.

Stuchlik: Tcsc: drawn a grid , not too sure what I should *do* with it though ; what might be an intermediary exercise to do using a grid?

Youell: Baxx:

Hutchen: Well, while drawing the grid is useful for debugging, it’s not the goal

Arntson: You keep a grid as a secondary thing tha tyou use so that you only check nearby entities for collisions