You can do two-way binding.

Lingad: Logan0405, yes, like a zipper, you zip two arrays

Hyberger: Ive never heard of that

Tadeo: I just feel like it would be less clear that way even if it was a one liner

Shamsiddeen: Terse is only good to a certain extent

Devault: Logan0405,

Ocejo: It is not terse, I think it more readable if you know about zip

Endow: Of course you need to implement zip, but it is a 2-3 liner, and reusable

Krishun: Well I will only be using it once on my site

Dugal: Alright well thank you Harnly and Xgc I need to go to bed though. bye

Ghee: I messed up the color order, but hopefully you get the idea

Balassi: TIL. using Symbol to emulate private variables. and Symbol.for to emulate protected variable/js-is-a-cl***-based-language 😛

Flor: Ok quick question: For React – do people typically create an entire page that is just components within components within components?.

Sagayaga: Lf94: that’s how it works isn’t it?

Pytlewski: Lf94, typically yes, but React can be used for specific parts if you wnt

Mccoil: If you go full React, it is just more comfortable to just do everything in React, no HTML

Sagayaga: Http://

Sagayaga: Not actual advice/suggestion

Kilbert: Lf94: watch out with mixing and matching react because it is very controlling over the DOM

Lebaron: It doesn’t always let you use it in other ways besides exclusively

Flor: It’ll solely be React.

Flor: Also just so I’m understanding this correctly: The controller and view or intertwined?

Horvitz: Lf94, it is not an MVC model

Ogeen: So thinking in terms of it is counterproductive I think

Flor: Falafel_: I can see it’s not MVC – but a variant

Flor: Looks like just Model-View to me

Flor: How would you cl***ify things

Starch: It’s kinda just a view

Robles: Lf94, I think it is easier to just think of it in terms of functions, data is your input, what’s in render is your output, the rest are implementation details

Bulson: In fact if you have any decent amount of data models you should use something else to manage them

Hansberry: The model can be a plain object

Lowe: Either your own solution or backbone collections or something

Flor: Maybe React is not what I should be using then.

Cellini: That’s why react supports so many mixins

Degrenier: Lf94, well, what are you buildoing?

Flor: Falafel_: It’s just a single page application

Flor: Falafel_: Not really even an application.

Flor: Falafel_: it gets data from Facebook and displays it, along with a few other things

Flor: Falafel_: But we’re required to use some MVC framework

Flor: I see now that React is not really an MVC framework at all.

Petanick: React is a way to uncomplicate spaghetti interactive UI code

Seyb: Use angular if it must be MVC

Flor: Well, I was thinking Mithril actually.

Barich: Angular is touted as MVVM

Zimick: And backbone as MVP of MV*

Flor: Just got better requirements:

Flor: As long as the framework you use is equivalent to Angular in terms functionality. Also we expect at least templating two-way binding and routing be used.

Pincince: That seems rather specific

Flor: So what the hell are my options besides Angular hahaha

Girillo: Seems like they just want you to use Angular

Flor: He probably just means similar

Tkach: You can do two-way binding in React, and there is react-router, does that count?