Yeah, UX on the file picker.

Leukhardt: I wonder if there’s any cool hipster function-composition-is-everything language that compiles to JS, and isn’t Forth or Factor.

Memmo: Higuchi: Haskell doesn’t have “function-composition-is-everything” :

Drue: I mean, you can write it in pointless style, but it’s. uh. weird

Furguson: All anyone seems to do lol

Broad: Not like you can write 2 2 3 * –

Nicoson: Excellent, it worked! Thank-you, Dekok.

Clayburn: Or 2 2 3 2 * – *, to make it a complete emoticon

Boulos: Is linting much much slower than checking mime type?

Adrian: Jeffreylevesque: linting?

Dellosso: Jeffreylevesque: how do you check the mime type?

Kliem: Https://

Madras: Anyone familiar enough with Angular 1.4+ ngAnimate that can guide a newb new to angular, AND ngAnimate, double points. looking for best practice on fading an element out/in. An example to rip on:

Dellosso: Jeffreylevesque: well linting could help, but you could have a syntatically incorrect javascript/json file, that doesn’t mean it isn’t supposed to be that type

Hasselvander: What’s my best approach?

Pender: Should i just not check the file on the front end

Macnevin: And check on the backend, as part of the p****r?

Dellosso: Hard to say, I normally match by file extension and expect it to be correct

Dellosso: So if you upload a csv with a .json extension it would just fail to p**** and be rejected

Florey: Jeffreylevesque: you can either hope the mime type is correct, or try to infer the mime type from the contents. But the latter leads to ambiguity, which might be hard to resolve

Antunez: So I’d just rely on the mime type

Dellosso: Jeffreylevesque: though restricting the mime like that can be a problem on the client side, as not every client has a mapping for .json = application/json, etc

Schweinberg: Anyone know a good JS html p****r

Jackley: But csv mimetype should be text/csv. THis is usually the case, but on my current windows machine i get application/

Lunger: Https://***ets/2907085/9763731/1f935cf2-56d9-11e5-9a40-4186de6b0dd0.PNG

Czachorowski: Django_: in the browser? You already get one.

Dellosso: And as you’ve seen, on windows excel registers itself as the handler for csv files and reports a mime of application/

Kossak: Dellosso: should i add application/ for csv? becuase technically that should be excel .xls

Piker: Django_: again, do you need this in the browser? Or in some environment like Node?

Fritze: What about json files though?

Dellosso: Jeffreylevesque: and i’ve had pngs on windows xp come through as application/octet-stream because it didn’t know how to handle them, so client mime tends not to work that well

Cargle: My client os is unknown for json

Mahrenholz: If it’s application/octet-stream, is it even worth validating mime

Tote: Bc application/octet-stream is catch all for everythng

Dellosso: Jeffreylevesque: exactly, hence why I tend to ignore mime types from the client and look at the file extension

Brintnall: Which makes me wonder why json didn’t catch as application/octet-stream

Martelles: But, file extension is easier to spoof than mimetypes

Dellosso: Mimetype is pretty easy to spoof, I just change it in the registry

Sachar: I guess i am using it with the intention of UX on the form

Tramonti: The mimetype validation

Jasmine: Django_: okay, that one’s much harder. You can compare****r2 and****5, which are what JSDOM use

Dellosso: Yeah, UX on the file picker would be great, but it does rely on the client having their file extensions correctly configured for things like .csv and .json