Yeah, however I’ve never.

Madalinski: Stars are starting getting right, Booty has been summoned

Harnly: Well, I don’t know, would have to look into the code

Madalinski: Harnly: short answer – “it does not”

Harnly: It probably does somehow, you can probably get a hold of the JS representation in Ocaml

Pyun: Harnly: stack overflow

Harnly: TO extend Flow you’ll need Ocaml, and that’s fine

Madalinski: Harnly: it does not. they have everything written from scratch already

Harnly: Madalinski, I meant you can get a tree and manipulate it

Chafin: And also lol what have you actually written that needs this? Your sheer panic is as if you’ve come from the future to do something time sensitive and you’re like GOOD GOD, JAVASCRIPT DOESNT HAVE GENERATORS IN THE YEAR 2015

Madalinski: Kamuela_iOS: implying everybody should be writing legacy code from the very beginning, just because.

Bellefontaine: Right. But like Harnly says. Trade offs. I would love it if JS included AI-driven auto UI templating. But it doesn’t. And I can’t just complain that it doesn’t. I have to use what’s available and make my own ugly UI

Harnly: Well, ES6 is still not supported very well, so “code from the future” seems like a good description

Desantigo: Harnly: hack to the future

Harnly: Flow supports 100% of ES5 afaik

Madalinski: It seems I accidentally configured my time machine to IE5.5 times, as nobody is aware of ES6/ES7 support yet

Harnly: Well, ES7 is not even a thing yet, and won’t be for some time

Harnly: ES6 is complete, but not fully implemented, TCO is no where to be seen

Madalinski: Babel does simple TCO already, btw

Harnly: No browser or Node supports it

Harnly: Yeah, but that’s basically a hack

Harnly: Performance is still terrible

Rodolph: Yes. I remember the good old days. When Netscape navigator was the first browser to support ES5

Harnly: Well, “terrible”, but proper tail call optimization would be much better

Ta: Time to sleep for me future guys. Night

Madalinski: Kamuela_iOS: beware of reality branches. You might accidentally slip into domain of NCSA Mosaic being the first one to implement ES5.

Madalinski: And mocking somebody because “why would you es7 lol, you cannot write anything good anyway” is not good ._.

Gastello: Console.logsumrange1, 10;

Madalinski: Smgs: where did you get “sum” and “range” from?

Gastello: That is from an online book Madalinski.

Madalinski: Smgs: well, that’s likely a book for python.

Madalinski: Or it should have definitions for sum and range.

Madalinski: As those are not part of language ._.

Gastello: Madalinski: book told it. i missed. :

Deshpande: Https:// says to iterate to coerce arguments to an array.

Doland: Of course it’s clearer to .slice.applyarguments

Mastropietro: Array.prototype.slice.applyarguments

Cossell: Is the big, pink warning box on the mozilla site obselete?

Apple: Mastropietro, sure, then i don’t need to create a useless

Mastropietro: That’s just a convention I have

Saintlouis: But i’d expect that the mdn warning still applies. did you see it on the page?

Bjorklund: Does this library API looks good?

Gorans: Mastropietro, it sounds so ominous, like it kills the optizer and everyone who ever worked on it.

Sliter: Maybe it really means that 1 line of your code can’t be optimized.

Mastropietro: Yeah, however I’ve never tested the performance of the arguments object, but I do know it has some weird side-effects due to the spec