Yea I was just looking at 4.

Houze: Please check PM blik71

Philley: You also need do***ent/ready event as a starting point

Fairfield: Does jsfiddle prepare that for u automagically?

Moneymaker: Inclusion of jquery yes. Probably adds do***ent/ready too, but not sure.

Stahmer: It’s your responsibility to add do***ent/ready

Leverson: Jsfiddle defaults to onLoad

Leverson: So you don’t need do***ent.ready

Leverson: You don’t need do***ent.ready most of the time anyway

Barriault: Your jQuery selectors are not guaranteed to work, unless they are called from within DOM ready event

Leverson: Or just load your scripts after the elements that being queried

Kerbel: And not ever worry about it

Kerbel: Or whether elements are added later on

Leverson: That’s what React does, and works quite well

Bohac: Are promises like test cases?

Bohac: Or is this just a way to program the sequence of asynchronous events?

Toplk: The latter, dostoyevsky

Bohac: NoiseEee: Does it already work in ES5?

Baran: Nothing native about promises in ES5, no, but there are several polyfills/implementations

Leverson: Bohac, yes, works everywhere, it is just an abstraction

Morosow: Standardized promises are in ES6 but you can use lib on older javascripts

Emberling: It’s API, not a language construct

Tackette: If you want language construct, check out ES7’s async/await

Bohac: So promises are a builtin standard in ES6, in ES5 it’s an external library

Leverson: Chrome and ff have promises builtin today

Mcclish: It was an extra parenthasis lol

Kerbel: There’s nothing about promises that require any ES6 features, so the polyfill works fine, you don’t need a third party lib like Q or bluebird

Kerbel: And chrome/fx support them natively

Sarrett: So async functions in ES7 yield promises?

Kerbel: Then await unwraps the promise stuff

Kerbel: But only the “async” promise stuff

Sarrett: Oh, so async yields special promises?

Meneus: They’re regular promises

Mordue: Hi. I want to submit the form that my checkbox is a member of when it is changed.

Kerbel: But I don’t think you can just await foo unless foo is defined as async is my point

Kerbel: It won’t work with any old promise-yielding function

Gesick: How could i do this without using any id’s? I want my solution to be scalable for multiplie forms on the same page. :

Leverson: Kerbel, I think all it expects is a thenable, I could be wrong though

Kerbel: Afaik everything I have read says await only works with async but I could also be wrong

Chavis: Are there any JavaScript libraries for writing token p****rs?

Kerbel: Thats amazing if it works without async

Leverson: I’m not writing async/await yet, so dunno, but the implementation could make it doable

Gearing: L8D: what are you parsing?

Licause: So is io.js fully merged with node now?

Parrent: Thought that wasn’t happening until next year

Trendell: Dash: as in, I’m looking for something that’ll let me p**** arrays of tokens

Bohac: Hendershott: they are probably working now on stabilizing the merge

Leverson: Hendershott, seems like it is, they already announced 4.0

Meneus: Kerbel: oh, well “await” only works when you’re inside an async block

Crispo: Halvors: when an event happens on the checkbox, search up the DOM for the parent form and submit it

Louvier: Dash: preferrably in JavaScript, not something like Jison

Dydell: Yea I was just looking at 4.0 notes