Yansanmo: the message.

Hergenroeder: Codecutter, message is a string, what you returns at tokens.join’ ‘, it doesn’t have anything to do with hasFoo, hasBoo, hasReplies

Thach: Absolute0: changing just for the sake of changing is never a good idea :

Kalinoski: Codecutter: yeah that should work

Scheffer: I don’t want to become a dinasour by sticking with python forever

Thach: That’s a weird mindset.

Thach: It’s not like Python is much older than JS anyway 😛

Woelfel: Another nice mind blower:

Jewel: Node.js is newer than flask

Woelfel: I expect the $$$ being replaced to !

Woelfel: But it doesn’t happen

Alexaki: Absolute0: i would recommend Outlaw Techno Psycho*****

Fullman: Woelfel, not what you are doing

Woelfel: Yansanmo: so why doesn’T it work?

Ramotar: Absolute0, I know some C# dev that now are learning to write desktop applications in js/html/css

Ohm: You are replaceing $$$ by !

Grivas: Because this is what the market is requiring now

Thach: Absolute0: just because something is “newer” doesn’t mean that something is “better”

Mate: Yansanmo: string ‘!$$’

Thach: If anything, newer usually means less tooling, less support, less community, less maturity, etc.

Cieslak: But for Python, I see that it remaining a popular language, or not?

Thach: It’s not the case of Node, but well.

Franzel: Unless it’s Outlaw Techno Psycho***** 😀

Thach: Yeah, Python is fairly popular

Thach: Nucleartide: OTP is, clearly, the best choice always 😛

Woelfel: Yansanmo: but – it should only replace triple occurences of $ !

Seavers: C# has lost a lot market because MS mistrakes

Mate: Woelfel: I am supposed to say something compromising, because someone told me to when the channel was pretty quiet.

Mate: Yansanmo: string ‘! $$ !’

Woelfel: Yansanmo: so why do I have to use tricks like ${3} instead plain and simple $$$ ?

Thach: Absolute0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRbY3TMUcgQ

Sidell: Woelfel, you can use $$$

Mate: Yansanmo: string ‘! $$ !’

Morehead: Kalinoski: line 32 still not valid http://pastebin.com/3YM5RQsj

Gowens: It’s just easier to write

Mate: Woelfel: string ‘! $$ !’

Herforth: Codecutter, it’s valid, but it’s undefined

Mate: Woelfel: string ‘!$ ! !$’

Thach: Absolute0: it’s an Amezcua movie

Woelfel: You see that, yansanmo ?!

Woelfel: In the scenario where I only want to replace two $$, strange things happen! :O :O

Mcquay: Well, you did replace two $$

Woelfel: The the $$ in the middle become three !

Woelfel: Let me sit and whine a bit

Mowatt: Woelfel, try to relax and calm down

Rogugbakaa: Yansanmo: its my first attempt at closure pretty new to js for that matter, how do i fix it?

Hoyer: Get the girls, get the boys, impress your mom, impress your cat.applications

Kalinoski: Codecutter: oh, you are not ***igning to message

Detillion: Codecutter, first think of what kind of object do you want message to be ?

Kalinoski: Message is going to be equal to whatever you return from your closure

Kutcher: Codecutter, it has nothing to do with closure, the problem is that you don’t know what you are returning right now.

Kalinoski: You should construct an object in your closure, then ***ign hasFoo hasBoo and hasMessage to it

Luening: Yansanmo: the message function sets a bunch of local variable, and the nested functions retun a boolean vals